Shay Ryan returns to ABC Action News Thursday

Doctors have given Meteorologist Shay Ryan the "all clear" to return to work.

She will be back on ABC Action News, Thursday morning at 5 a.m., giving you Florida's Most Accurate Forecast.

Here is what Shay posted on her Facebook page on Wednesday:

"Yahooo!!!  I am fully healed and will be back with Dan, Deiah and Meredyth tomorrow morning!

I wanted to say thank you again for all of your kind messages and for checking in on me. It has meant a TON to hear from you!

For those of us living in the Sunshine State especially, we are all at risk for skin cancer (the reason I have been out of work for awhile). Much of it is quite common and thankfully, treatable.

In the days ahead, ABC Action News will be sharing a lot of helpful information about skin cancer leading up to Melanoma Monday (May 6th).

I am looking forward to life returning to normal tomorrow starting at 5 a.m.  See you then!"

For more information on Melanoma Monday, click here:

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