New app makes it easier to find family law forms in Florida

Forms for divorce, alimony, custody, etc.

A division of the Florida Supreme Court is making it easier for Floridians to download some legal forms. The Florida Court Help app is now live and gives residents access to legal resources and about a hundred and eighty legal forms.

“I think it’s great, because you usually have to spend hours going through websites and making phone calls,” said Jennifer Newman.

Newman was recently in a Manatee County courtroom for a civil dispute.  She said she will use the app in the future if she finds herself in a similar situation.

"I think that’s good to get your ducks in a row to figure out what’s going on first before you face a judge and everything,” said Newman.

The app mostly focuses on family law currently, but organizers of the app said more content could be added in the future.

The Florida Courts Help is available for iOS and Android.