FSU acts after data leak

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - The Florida Department of Education is taking action to secure the personal information of about 47,000 college students after names, social security numbers and other identifying details were mistakenly put on the Internet.

Florida State University is responsible for the problem. The school was storing the personal data of students in a teacher preparation program as part of a contract with the Department of Education.

FSU moved the information from one server to another and failed to close the security gate. So people's personal details were exposed for two weeks before someone noticed.

Now the Department of Education has set up a hotline to take calls from anyone in the teacher prep program with concerns.  The department is also placing the personal information on its own servers and trying to contact every person affected by the data leak.

The Department of Education hotline number is 866-507-1109. Education Commissioner Tony Bennett has ordered a review of the security of every database held by the department.

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