Julie Schenecker Trial: Mom accused of killing kids continues for sixth day of testimony

The defense rested its case at the close of testimony Tuesday after Julie Schenecker told a judge she will not testify at her own trial.
Judge Emmett Battles reminded Schenecker of her Fifth Amendment rights and asked her about her use of medication to determine whether or not she understood them. Schenecker said she understood and had decided she will not be testifying.
Psychiatrist Wade Myers, the final witness for the defense, told jurors Tuesday that Schenecker went to the Seminole Hard Rock Casino to play slots hours before she killed her children in January 2011.
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The 16-member jury also heard testimony from Schenecker’s former husband for most of the day. He spoke about their relationship and the strained relations between Julie Schenecker and their daughter Calyx. He also testified about his former wife's mental illness, her alcohol abuse and stint in rehab in 2010.

"After Mrs. Schenecker was involved in a car accident, I told her she was not driving the kids anymore and we were going to get that taken care of by her going to rehab," Parker Schenecker said.
He testified the longest he was away from home was seven months in 2008 and 2009. Schenecker said he traveled for work about every six weeks.
Parker Schenecker read to the jury email correspondence with Julie Schenecker from Dec. 2010 that included his request for permission to talk to her psychiatrist about her treatment. Her response: "Hell no! Sorry about your luck."
In a January 2011 email, he said he'd landed safely in Qatar. In a chilling email reply at 7:33 p.m., Jan. 27, after the children were shot, Julie Schenecker responded, "Get home soon. We're waiting for you!"
The emails were revealed to jurors during the state's cross examination of Parker Schenecker. 
He said his former wife agreed to go to alcohol rehab but came home severely depressed in 2010.
"She had mentioned suicide, but not that she was planning on acting on it," he told jurors.
In another email exchange, Parker Schenecker explained to his wife why he didn't want her driving them.
"I must ... protect them. They are telling me they feel unsafe. This is the basic responsibility of a parent, especially a father," said Parker Schenecker, reading an email from the stand.
Julie Schenecker hadn't shown positive emotion during the trial until Tuesday. As bailiffs escorted her to her seat after a break, she appeared upbeat, winking to someone in the court's public seating.
Her former husband’s mood was just the opposite. His face revealed little as he read foreshadowing emails.
"There is no way in the world I can just let this go. They've asked their father for protection. The hard part of this is that they've asked for protection from their mother," he read.

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The couple divorced after the deaths.
Julie Schenecker is charged with two counts of first-degree murder. The state is not seeking the death penalty, and contends that Schenecker knew right from wrong when she bought a gun and shot her son and daughter.
The prosecution is expected to begin rebuttals when court reconvenes 8:30 a.m. Wednesday.

The email correspondence is below: 

Julie Schenecker Emails by ABCActionNews

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