Lakeland teacher arrested for having sex with 17-year-old student

LAKELAND, Fla. - The english teacher arrested late Monday for having sex with one of her students in Lakeland, may face additional charges in Polk and Hillsborough Counties.

Lakeland Police arrested Jennifer Fichter, 28, who admitted to having sex with her 17-year-old student 20 to 30 times since January.

Fichter was hired back in August 2011 at the Central Florida Aerospace Academy. She was suspended today and will be recommended for termination at the school board's next meeting.

"I mean it's scary. She made comments that she's in love with a student. Thats enough to scare anybody," said Sgt. Gary Gross with the Lakeland Police Department.

Investigators said all the sexual encounters happened in the backseat of her Toyota truck, that we found parked outside her Davenport apartment.

According to statements by the victim and suspect, the pair met for sex at various parking lots.

Police said Fichter claims she even got pregnant by the student, but chose to have an abortion.

The case came unraveled Monday afternoon, after the victim's mother found suspicious text messages on her son's phone.

"The mother is upset, as any parent would be, that there's a betrayal of trust. This teacher was entrusted with teaching her son. Unfortunately she was teaching him in other things that were criminal and shouldn't have happened," Gross said.

ABC Action News knocked on Fichter's door Tuesday afternoon. Her roommate would not comment.

Neighbors couldn't believe the allegations.

"I'm just in shock. I'm appalled," said Jasmine Vincent, who lives across the street. "You go to school to learn and to have a teacher do that to a child is just very disturbing."

Between the Lakeland Police Department and the Polk County Sheriff's Office, Fichter faces a total of seven felony charges.

Charges in Hillsborough County are pending.

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