Ft. Hood shooting raises questions about effects of PTSD

TAMPA - The recent shooting at Fort Hood military base has raised several conversations about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and the effects it has on a person, specifically someone in the military.

The shooter, Spc. Ivan Lopez, was believed to have had PTSD, even though authorities are saying that was not the driving factor that lead to the mass shooting Wednesday.

Dr. Diego Hernandez is currently working on a special program with University of South Florida that focuses treating PTSD within former service members. Through the program they aim to resolve traumatic memories through methods of relaxation.

Hernandez joined ABC Action News' John Thomas in studio Sunday morning to discuss the mental illness and what resources are available to those who suffer from it.

Joining him was former Army member Tony Williams Jr. who served at Ft. Hood. Now he runs Veterans Counseling Veterans. Also Ana Aluis, a former marine and President elect of Suncoast Mental Health Counselors Association, attended providing additional insight on local programs that are available during the discuss.

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