Strong storm caused mild damage, water spout in Bay area

TAMPA BAY - A strong storm that crossed over Tampa bay caused some damage and even  producing a water spout Monday.

ABC Action News got some great videos and pictures from our viewers of the funnel cloud as it came on shore near the Weedon Island power plant in Pinellas County.

Local officials say it did not cause any structural damage in the area, but that's not the case elsewhere.

The storm ripped into some homes in St. Pete. Trees, tables and other outdoor items were thrown across these yards. Lightning started a small fire at a house in Clearwater. Some outdoor rooms also suffered major damage. One homeowner says the storms struck in an instant.

"When I first opened the door it was all calm... and all of a sudden that wind came... I guess it came from this direction from what they said... and the two of us pushed door the door as hard as we could and got into the bathroom," the homeowner said.

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