Traffic Headlines: Tanker crash jams I-275; Pedestrian struck in Zephyrhills

Recap of Tuesday morning's commute

TAMPA - The morning commute got off to a slow start very early! An accident that I passed on my way to ABC Action News, on northbound I-275, that occurred around 3:15 AM was still blocking lanes and causing delays in both directions at 7:45! Fortunately, I was able to keep viewers updated on the accident on-air and online. Also this morning, a pedestrian was struck and killed on US-301 in Zephyrhills. Captain Al flew over the scene as the investigation began. Here's a recap of Tuesday morning's drive, as it unfolded. If you have a traffic question, please contact me through Facebook! -- Meredyth

9:10 -- ZEPHYRHILLS: Still waiting on additional information regarding the accident that killed a pedestrian this morning on US-301 at Pretty Pond.

9:00 -- I-275 UPDATE: FHP continues to investigated Tuesday morning's crash involving a tanker and a mini van. Initial reports are that a car cut off the semi, causing it to jackknife, and then the mini van crash into it. One person in the van was transported to a hospital. Injuries unknown at this time.

8:56 -- I-4 SLOW westbound between Ybor City & I-275 junction. Typical AM volume there.

8:53 -- TARPON SPRINGS UPDATE: All lanes now open on US-19 @ Beckett Way following motorcycle-involved accident.

8:50 -- HOWARD FRANKLAND BRIDGE is still very slow NB I-275 approaching the hump and continuing to #Tampa.

8:44 -- I-75 TAMPA: Debris reported northbound between MLK and I-4... but I don't see any delays on my FDOT cams.

8:42 -- TARPON SPRINGS: Crash involving motorcycle on SB US-19 @ Beckett Way. Roadblock.

8:25 -- ZEPHYRHILLS: ABC Action News is still waiting for additional information on the crash involving a pedestrian this morning on US-301 at Pretty Pond. NB 301 remains closed for the investigation.

8:23 -- I-275 DRIVE TIME southbound from Fletcher Avenue to Dale Mabry Hwy = 23 minutes.

8:19 -- OLDSMAR: Crash on Tampa Rd west of Race Track Rd @ Burbank. 

8:17 -- ST. PETERSBURG: EMS heading to accident on 54th Ave S @ 31st St.

8:16 -- LAND O LAKES: Crash on SR-54, 1.5 miles east of Suncoast Pkwy.

8:14 -- VETERANS EXWY drive time southbound from Van Dyke Rd to I-275 exits = 34 minutes.

8:06 -- VALRICO UPDATE: Per a tip to my Twitter feed, the earlier crash on SR-60 @ Miller Rd is backing up traffic WB.

8:04 -- HOWARD FRANKLAND drive time on NB I-275 from Ulmerton in St. Pete to Dale Mabry in Tampa = 20 minutes.

7:58 -- ZEPHYRHILLS DETOUR: NB US-301 to Daughtery Rd near Florida Hospital Zephyrhills to Wire Rd. Pedestrian struck, killed this morning at Pretty Pond. Zepyhrhills Police Departments is investigating.

7:55 -- CLEARWATER: Crash on Hillcrest Ave @ Court St.

7:48: ZEPHYRHILLS UPDATE: Fatal pedestrian crash on NB US-301 at Pretty Pond. Traffic is detoured about a block out of the way, per Captain Al's live pictures.

7:46 -- BROOKSVILLE: Crash on EB SR-50 @ Highpoint Blvd.

7:43 -- ZEPHYRHILLS UPDATE: Report that US-301 remains closed at Pretty Pond due to pedestrian-involved accident. Use Wire Rd.

7:28 -- I-275 UPDATE: Delays have cleared northbound approaching Busch Blvd. SB traffic now just typically heavy. 19 minute drive from Bearss to I-4.

7:25 -- VALRICO: Fender bender on on EB SR-60 @ Miller Rd. 

7:22 -- ALL LANES BACK OPEN northbound I-275 approaching Busch Blvd.

7:21 -- I-275 UPDATE: 2 of 3 lanes open NB approaching Busch Blvd.

7:15 -- I-275 UPDATE: Drive time SB from Bearss to I-4 = 20-25 minutes. Onlooker delays due to crash NB at Busch. NB has minor delays approaching accident. Stay to the right.

7:11 -- ST. PETE/KENNETH CITY: Crash with roadblock on SB 66th St N @ 46th Ave

7:08 -- LAKELAND: Crash on Lakeland Highlands Rd @ Lake Miriam Dr

6:59 -- I-275 UPDATE: Inside 2 left lanes open approaching Busch Blvd. Only right lane gets by. Minor delays northbound. SB traffic jammed by onlookers. 20+ minutes SB from Bearss to I-4.

6:57 -- ZEPHYRHILLS: Crash NB US-301 @ Pretty Pond Rd.

6:55 -- I-275 SOUTHBOUND delays begin just south of Bearss Ave.

6:46 -- NEW PORT RICHEY: Crash on Little Rd @ Massachusetts Ave.

6:44 -- WIMAUMA: Crash on US-301@ SR-674. No roadblock reported.

6:42 -- I-275 update: 1 northbound lane reopened approaching Busch Blvd.

6:37 -- I-275 UPDATE: ALL LANES BLOCKED NB approaching Busch Blvd. due to wreckers on scene. Exit 275 @ Hillsborough & use Florida or Nebraska.

6:34 -- TARPON SPRINGS: Crash reported US-19 @ Beckett Way. EMS responding.

6:29 -- I-275 UPDATE: Per aerials from Action Air 1, wreckers are working to clear jackknifed tanker on I-275 NB at Busch.

6:20 -- I-275 SOUTHBOUND is jamming up at Busch Blvd due to drivers checking out the crash SB.

6:19 -- I-275 DRIVE TIME northbound between I-4 and Fowler = > 10 minutes. No major delay despite 2 left lanes blocked near Busch Blvd.

6:07 -- I-275

UPDATE: Right lane only getting by NB approaching Busch Blvd.

5:58 -- VETERANS EXWY drive time southbound between Van Dyke Rd and the I-275 exits = 13 min.

5:47 -- I-275 UPDATE: Still just one lane (right) open northbound approaching Busch. All lanes open SB but there are minor onlooker delays there now.

5:45 -- PINELLAS CO is accident free. Minor delays on Ulmerton Rd in the construction zone. Drive time on eastbound Ulmerton between Seminole Blvd and I-275 = 14 min.

5:41 -- BRIDGES are accident and delay free.

5:33 -- I-4 DRIVE TIME westbound between County Line Road and I-75 = 16 minutes.

5:25 -- I-275 UPDATE: Traffic is moving much better NB approaching crash south of Bearss. Still just the right lane open. #Tampa

5:18 -- N TAMPA: Crash on westbound Bearss Ave at the ramp to SB I-275. Roadblock, however traffic can get by.

5:11 -- I-275 UPDATE: Right lane reopened on NB I-275 approaching Busch Blvd. Expect delays.

5:04 -- I-275 UPDATE: A vehicle that was trapped under the tanker that jackknifed on NB 275 near Busch is being removed. ALL LANES of NB 275 closed. Detour: Exit at Hillsborough or Sligh, and travel north on Florida or Nebraska.

4:56 -- I-275 UPDATE: Traffic temporarily stopped NB at scene of jackknifed tanker (north of Sligh). May be moving wrecker into place. #Tampa

4:50: I-275 TAMPA: Jackknifed tanker blocking three lanes of northbound 275 approaching Busch Blvd. Right lane gets by. Crash happened around 3:15 AM. Very minor delays right now.

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