TRAFFIC: Five tips to keep you safe in an interstate construction zone

FHP: Vehicles are replaceable; lives are not

TAMPA - Every interstate and toll road in Tampa Bay has an active road construction project. (You can see a complete list at .) Many of these projects include the construction of a barrier wall to keep workers safe. In some cases, the construction or barrier wall takes away the shoulder or emergency lane of the roadway.

So what do you do if your car breaks down and there's no emergency lane?

Here's what Florida Highway Patrol Sergeant Steve Gaskins advises:

1. NEVER stop in a travel lane. Keep driving until you can exit the roadway safely.

2. If you have a flat tire, keep driving even if it means tearing up your rim. Material objects can be replaced - you cannot!

3. If you have to leave the vehicle in a travel lane, turn on the emergency hazard lights and MOVE AWAY from the car. Stand on the other side of the concrete barrier wall that usually accompanies road construction projects.

4. Never stand BETWEEN cars.

5. Call *FHP or *347 if you're on a Florida interstate. You'll be linked to the closest FHP dispatcher who will send a Road Ranger to help you out. Road Rangers patrol urban interstate areas every day of the week, and offer free services (changing a flat tire, etc.)

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