Tampa International Airport (TPA) ends curbside parking at arrivals beginning Thursday

Use short-term parking garage or cell phone lot

TAMPA - Tampa International Airport (TPA) implemented a new curbside traffic management program on December 20, restricting curbside parking for arriving flights. Now, only vehicles that are actively loading passengers will be allowed to stop curbside.

TPA officials say that in the past, vehicles have been allowed to park indefinitely in the first two lanes along the arrival curbs, and that in some cases, cars sat parked at the curb for more than 30 minutes. TPA says most airports around the country do not allow cars to park at the arrival curb sides.

Options to avoid circling the airport's arrival terminals include the Short Term Parking Garage, which is free for those who park there less than one hour, and the Cell Phone Waiting Lot, with free Wi-Fi, restrooms, vending machines, electric-car charging and flight/baggage claim information screens displaying the status of airline arrivals.

For the next 30 days, as the airport transitions from allowing indefinite parking at the airport's arrival curbs, one or two food trucks offering a range of menu items will be parked at the Cell Phone Lot Tuesdays through Fridays from 11 AM to 6 PM The airport says it will tweet the day's featured food truck @FlyTPA.

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