St. Petersburg outranks Tampa in Allstate's Best Drivers Report by a mile

Tampa drivers crash every 7 1/2 years on average

TAMPA - Maybe the driving skills on display each year in the St. Pete Grand Prix rub off on everybody else. But whatever the reason, St. Petersburg easily beat Tampa in a new ranking of America's best drivers.

St. Pete ranked 58th out of 200 cities in Allstate Insurance's annual Best Driver Report for 2014. Tampa sits at a dismal 160 with drivers here getting into an accident every seven and a half years on average. The nationwide average is every 10 years.

The survey doesn't imply that Tampa drivers are careless or unskilled. Allstate spokeswoman Cathy Mayo said it's more a matter of more commuters on the roads.

"You simply have more people on the road, so more people would likely increase your likelihood of having an accident," Mayo said.

Allstate also factors in the weather, which Bay Area residents know can make it treacherous to even leave the house. They recommend checking the weather and traffic before heading out to lessen your risk of a bad car day.

"Don't text while driving, don't talk on the phone, don't change the radio station, eat, put on makeup, anything that decreases your attention to the road," Mayo said.

Of course we all want to be safer drivers, but our cars have to be safe, too. Insurance companies remind us to make sure the headlights, tire tread and window wipers are all in good shape.

Allstate accident records found the best drivers are in Fort Collins, Colo. The worst are in Worcester, Mass.
The good news for the Bay Area is that both Tampa and St. Petersburg have improved their ranking from last year.

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