FAQ about Tampa Bay traffic during the Republican National Convention

Info on closures, detours, parking, transit


  • Selmon Expressway has reopened between Willow and 50th St. Reversible Express Lanes will operate in the westbound position, 6AM-1:30PM, and then will be open eastbound toward I-75/US-301 until 6AM Tuesday. (Extended eastbound hours due to Labor Day Holiday.)
  • Downtown Tampa road closures are expected to be cleared between Noon-6PM.
  • RNC Call Center for information on road closures will be available until Noon. (866) RNC-8687 toll-free.

RNC TRAFFIC FAQ:  If you have a question that isn't answered here, contact  Traffic Reporter Meredyth Censullo on Facebook or Twitter.

Q: What's the event zone in Tampa?

A: The event zone broadly covers the space east of North Boulevard, south of I-275 and west of 22nd St. The channels of Hillsborough Bay are the southern border of the event zone.

Q: When will roads in downtown Tampa be closed?

A: August 25-31 at 6PM. Selmon Expressway closed between Willow & 50th Street, Aug. 27-30.

Q: Which streets in Tampa are closed?

A: In general all streets are closed south of Whiting Street along with a partial closure of the Selmon Expressway. Closures scheduled through 6PM Friday.

  • Ashley Dr.: SB from Jackson St. to E Whiting St. Ashley IS open north of Kennedy.
  • Tampa St.: (One-way, SB), closed from E. Whiting St to E Brorein St
  • Franklin St: NB & SB from south of E Whiting St to Old Waters St (includes Selmon overpass)
  • Franklin/Harbour Island Bridge: NB & SB between Old Waters & Westin Hotel on Harbour Island
  • Florida Ave: (One-way, NB), Old Waters St to E Whiting St (includes Selmon overpass)
  • Morgan St: NB & SB between Whiting & Old Waters (including Selmon overpass)
  • Jefferson St: NB & SB from Whiting & Channelside (including Selmon overpass)
  • Nebraska Ave: NB & SB from south of Finley St to Channelside Dr. (Nebraska open north of Selmon Expressway)
  • Caesar St: NB & SB, Finley St. to Channelside Dr.
  • E Bell St: EB & WB between Florida Ave & Jefferson St.
  • Finley St., Walton St., Cumberland Ave: EB & WB between Nebraska & Ceasar
  • Eunice Street: (One-way, EB) between Morgan St & Nebraska Ave
  • Brorein St: (One-way, WB) from Meridian/Channelside to Bayshore Blvd
  • Channelside Dr: (One-way, EB), Bayshore Blvd to Meridian (includes Platt St. Bridge)
  • Old Water St (south side of Tampa Bay Times Forum): EB & WB between Franklin & Channelside
  • Bayshore Blvd: NB between Swann & Platt St. The Davis Island northbound ramp from Bayshore will be open.
  • Tampa Bay Blvd. (south side of Raymond James Stadium): Closed between Dale Mabry & Himes, 8 AM Saturday – 8 AM Friday

Q: Which roads are one-way for the RNC?

  • Whiting Street, EB only from Tampa Street to Florida Avenue
  • Ashley Drive, NB only from Whiting to Jackson
  • Channelside Drive, WB only from Cumberland Ave (near the aquarium) to Meridian/Beneficial
  • 12th Street, SB only from Cumberland Ave to Channelside

Q: Where is on-street parking prohibited?

A: Street parking prohibited until 5 AM, Friday in the following areas, as well as on the streets that are closed.

  • South of East Whiting Street between South Ashley Drive to South Jefferson Avenue to Old  Waters Street and between South Meridian Avenue to Bayshore Boulevard.
  •  Tampa Street from East Scott Street to East Whiting Street
  • North Jefferson Street from East Cass Street to East Whiting Street
  •  Florida Avenue from East Scott Street to East Whiting Street  
  • East Tyler Street from North Orange Avenue to MacInness Place
  • Cass Street from North Boulevard to Nebraska Avenue

Q: Which bridges are closed?

  • Platt St. (EB) and Brorein St. (WB) closed to cars & pedestrians. Kennedy or Cass are alternates.
  • Franklin St/Harbour Island Bridge closed. All vehicles and pedestrians will have to use the Beneficial Drive bridge, accessible from Meridian Avenue. The bridge will have its two southbound lanes blocked off, and northbound lanes will turn into a two-way road. All vehicles will go through the checkpoints, and could be subject to security sweeps when leaving and entering the island. Vehicles selected for a security sweep will be directed to a tented area. Sweeps shouldn't take longer than 60 seconds unless a more thorough search is needed.

Q: How do I get to Harbour Island?

  • From I-275 or points north, take Ashley Drive or Tampa Street southbound to Twiggs Street, the Twiggs eastbound to Meridian, then travel southbound on Meridian to the Beneficial Bridge.
  • Another option is to take Tampa Street southbound to Jackson, the eastbound Jackson to southbound Meridian.
  • From the east, take Adamo Drive/SR-60 to Channelside Drive, then southbound Channelside to Meridian.

Q: Can I access Davis Islands?

A: Yes. The Davis Islands northbound ramp from Bayshore

will be open.

Q: I live on Davis Islands. How do I get to I-275? (Submitted by a viewer)

A: Suggested routes include Davis Blvd. off the bridge to NB Plant St, the WB on Cleveland to Howard, NB on Howard to I-275. Another option is to take SB/WB Bayshore to Howard, then Howard north to I-275. You can also take Bayshore to Swann, then Swann to Howard.

Q: Is the Selmon Expressway be closed?

A: Yes. The Selmon Expressway's lower level is closed between 50th St & Willow until 5AM Friday. 

Q: Do I still have to pay tolls on portions of the Selmon that are open?

A: Yes.

Q: What are the alternates to avoid the Selmon Expressway?

A: The City of Tampa recommends the following detour:

  • EB Selmon Expressway: Exit at Platt Street/Exit 4, take a left on Willow, then a left on Cleveland, then a right on Howard and travel northbound to I-275. Take northbound I-275 to eastbound I-4. Use Exit 3/50th St. and travel southbound to access Selmon Expressway.
  • WB Selmon Expressway: Take Exit 11/50th Street and travel north to I-4. Take I-4 westbound to I-275, then travel southbound on I-275 to Exit 42/Howard-Armenia. Travel southbound on Armenia Avenue, then take a left on Platt Street, a left on Willow Avenue and then use the Willow Avenue ramp to the Selmon Expressway.
  • Kennedy Boulevard will be open, but expect very slow traffic there.

Q: Will the Selmon Expressway Elevated lanes remain open?

A: Yes. The Reversible Express Lanes (REL) will be open westbound, from I-75/Brandon to the Meridian exit, from 6-10am. Between 10am-1pm, traffic can enter the REL at US-301 and go westbound into downtown Tampa, or eastbound to Brandon. From 1pm to 6am, traffic can enter the REL at Meridian and travel eastbound to Brandon/I-75. Tolls will apply. 

Q: Can I drive on the Selmon Expressway without a Sunpass?

A: Yes. Cameras will record your license plate, and you'll receive a bill in the mail.

Q: How do I get to Tampa General Hospital?

  • From I-275: Take Howard/Armenia Exit, go southbound on Armenia to Platt Street, east on Platt Street to North Boulevard, south on North Boulevard to DeLeon Street, east on DeLeon to southbound Hyde Park Avenue, Take the Davis Island Bridge and follow signs to TGH.
  • From downtown Tampa: take Tyler Avenue westbound to southbound North Boulevard to DeLeon Street, east on DeLeon to southbound Hyde Park Avenue, Take the Davis Island Bridge and follow signs to TGH
  • From South Tampa: Utilize Azeele Street and turn east at Platt Street. Turn south onto North Boulevard. Follow North Boulevard, turning east onto DeLeon Street.Turn south onto Hyde Park Avenue, then take the Davis Island Bridge, and follow the signs to Tampa General Hospital.
  • From Harbour Island: Use Beneficial Bridge north on Meridian Avenue to Twiggs Street and follow hospital detour signage.
  • HART will provide shuttle service to TGH/Davis Island, Aug. 27-31, 6am-8pm. No fare. Shuttle service map is here. 

Q: Is parking available in downtown Tampa?

A: The South Regional Parking Garage and the Convention Center Parking Garage are closed to the public. Fort Brooke Garage, 107 N. Franklin, and Port Garage (Channelside Parking Garage) are open. Free on-street parking available, however some parking is limited to a two-hour maximum. A map of downtown parking areas available during the RNC can be found at http://wfts.tv/N1zqmU .

Q: How do I get to the Fort Brooke garage?

A: Southbound Tampa Street to eastbound Whiting Street then north into the garage.

Q: Will I be able to park in my parking lot/garage south of Whiting Street?

A. Yes, if the parking area is north of Brorein Street. All vehicles will be subject to screening.

Q: How do I access the Whiting Street garage or lots south?

A: Take southbound Tampa Street to eastbound Whiting Street, then southbound Franklin Street where you will be guided to the entrance on Florida Avenue.

Q: How do I get to Channelside Complex, the Florida Aquarium and the Port?

A: Allow for extra travel time.

  • Option #1: I-4 to Exit 1/21st Street, southbound on 21st to Adamo Drive, west on Adamo to Channelside Drive, then south on Channelside. The Port of Tampa parking garage (Channelside Parking Garage) will be open. 

  • Option #2: Selmon Expressway Reversible Express Lanes (REL). The upper level is open westbound from I-75/Brandon to the Meridian exit (near Port of Tampa), from 6-10am. Between 10am-1pm, traffic can enter REL a US-301 and go westbound into downtown Tampa. 

Q: Will we be able to access the Port of Tampa to load fuel on our transport trucks, and if so what route should be take? (Submitted by a viewer)

A: The Port of Tampa's security force guards all the land facilities and controls all the gates. Anyone driving into those facilities must have an ID badge issued by the port or a visitor's pass secured in advance by a port tenant. Specific areas require specific badges. Access the Port from 21st/22nd streets (through Ybor City) or 50th

St. to Causeway Bridge/22nd.

Q: Are there carpooling options available to downtown Tampa?

A: Yes. TBARTA Commuter Services offers a free, online ride-matching program that gives users a personalized computer match list of people with similar commutes. The programs is available online at www.tampabayrideshare.org or call TBARTA Commuter Services at (800) 998-RIDE.

Q: What areas are off limits to pedestrians?

A: Tampa's pedestrian restrictions are in place through 6AM Friday in these locations:

  • South of the north sidewalk of East Brorein Street from Bayshore Boulevard to Meridian;
  • West of Beneficial Drive from Channelside Drive across the bridge onto Harbour Island;
  • Harbour Island Boulevard north of the Channelside Walkway;
  • Little Bayshore Boulevard from East Brorein Street to Platt Street/Channelside Drive including both the Brorein Street Bridge and the Platt Street Bridge. 

Q: Is the Riverwalk open?

A: Yes, between Brorein & Washington.

Q: Where do I park to access the Embassy Suites or Marriott Waterside?

A: Guests will be offered limited parking after vehicle screening. Employees can park in the closest available parking or at the Fort Brooke or Port/Channelside garages.

A: Will I be able to get dropped off in front of the Embassy Suites?

A: Only if your vehicle has been pre-approved by the U.S. Secret Service; otherwise you need to head south on Tampa, take a right on Whiting Street, right on Ashley Drive and drop off on Ashley Drive just north of Whiting Street.

Q: How do I access the Hillsborough County Courthouse?

A: The Clerks' Departments in downtown Tampa will be closed August 27-31. The George Edgecomb Courthouse,  800 E Twiggs St., will be open, however there will be no hearings, trials, or other court scheduled events requiring citizens to appear at the downtown courthouse complex (Edgecomb Building and Courthouse Annex) during the RNC. No on will be required to report for jury duty or appear for family law or civil hearings. For those who still must access the courthouse, the Twiggs Street Garage (901 E. Twiggs) will be available for parking.

Q: What about the Sam Gibbons Federal Courthouse?

A: Court will not be in session at the federal courthouse, 801 N. Florida Ave., from August 27 - September 4. A deposit lock-box will be available on the first floor of the courthouse, beyond the metal detectors, for paperwork delivery, however the court encourages the public to either mail paperwork or use the court's electronic filing system. District and magistrate judges working in the Orlando division of the U.S. District Court will be responsible for any Tampa matters requiring court proceedings, including matters resulting from the RNC.

Q: What businesses will be open downtown?

A: City of Tampa offices and the Tampa Police Department will be open. Many downtown businesses will remain open however, some have voluntarily decided to close during the convention. Check with the individual business for specific days and hours of operation .

Q: What is the parade route, and when are parades scheduled?

A: The parade route is available until Aug. 30. Parades and demonstrations are expected to take place each day, and must be limited to 90 minutes. The route designated by the City of Tampa starts at the intersection of Brush & Washington, travels west on Washington, south on Morgan, east on Whiting, south on Nebraska to Walton.

Q: Where are the parade route viewing areas?

  • Near the Selmon Expressway on Brorein at Jefferson
  • South of Whiting between Jefferson and Nebraska
  • East side of Nebraska, between Walton and Eunice.

Q: Where do I park to access the parade route?

A: Vehicles and/or buses will be authorized to temporarily load and unload on Jackson Street between Morgan Street and Nebraska Avenue. After drop off, the vehicle must immediately leave and locate an available parking space before returning for pick-up.

Q: Will the RNC affect my flight in/out of Tampa International Airport?

A: At this time, there are NO scheduled closures of roads in or out of Tampa International Airport for the RNC.  According to the Secret Service, temporary flight restrictions are in place over the Tampa Bay Times Forum 8/27-8/30, but according to the TSA, the restrictions will not impact commercial flights.

Q: Can I get to Channelside or Ybor City on a HART bus?

A: Yes. HART Route 8 (Downtown to Progress Village/Brandon) will detour to serve Channelside & Ybor City. There will be no route/schedule changes for the portion of the route between Brandon and Ybor City.

  • 4:30AM-Noon: Detoured to operate along Channelside

  • 7:30 AM-Noon: 15/20-minute service between Ybor City/Channelside

  • Noon-Last trip: Detoured to operate along Nuccio Pkwy & Cass St.

Q: Will other HART bus routes be impacted?

A: HART will operate all routes & service during the RNC, however transit detours and schedule changes will

be in effect through Aug. 31 to adjust bus and streetcar service to meet road closures and security demands. Downtown transit service during the convention will be detoured to keep most bus operations north of Kennedy Boulevard. A map is here .

Q: How do I find out if my HART bus route has been changed?

A: Sign up for RNC Rider Alerts, an email alert system that will be distributed Aug. 24-Sept. 1. Sign up at this link. 

Q: Can I use the In-Town Trolley/Downtown Shuttle service?

A: The trolley/shuttle will operate Aug. 27-30, 6am-6pm, however service will be suspended on Aug. 27 between Noon-1:30pm. No fare. Here's a map of the shuttle service. 

Q: Can I use the TECO Line Streetcar System between Ybor City and Channelside?

  • Extra streetcar service has been added for the RNC, Aug. 27-30, and will operate between Noon-1am.
  • Route 8 morning detour in effect Aug. 27-30, 4:30am-Noon with 15-20 minute service to begin at 7:30am. Route 8 will travel along Channelside, and extra signage will be placed on permanent and temporary bus stops along 7th Ave. in Ybor City to identify special RNC bus service. A map of the Route 8 detour is here.
  • Stations 9, 10, 11 will be CLOSED with service to resume September 1.

Q: Where are the TECO Streetcar stations located?

  • Station 1: Centennial Park (8th Ave & 20th St)
  • Station 2: Tampa Bay Federal Credit Union Station (8th Ave in front of Centro Ybor)
  • Station 3: Streetcar Society Station (8th Ave east of 15th St)
  • Station 4: Cadrecha Plaza Station (7th Ave, Ybor)
  • Station 5: Port Authority
  • Station 6: York Street (Channelside, between Washington & Whiting)
  • Station 7: Cumberland Avenue (Channelside, near Florida Aquarium)
  • Station 8: The Tampa Tribune Station (Channelside, near Tampa Bay Times Forum)
  • CLOSED: Station 9: HSBC Station (Old Waters St on south side of Tampa Bay Times Forum)
  • CLOSED: Station 10: Dick Greco Plaza (Old Waters St near Convention Center)
  • CLOSED: Station 11: Whiting St. Station

Q: Where is the Liberty Events Plaza, that's hosting the concerts and parties, and can I get in?

A: The Liberty Events Plaza is bordered by Whiting Street, Jefferson Street, the Selmon Expressway and Morgan Street. It will be surrounded by a fence, and open only to invited guests.

Q: Will I be able to get to the Straz Center or the Museums?

A: Yes, by exiting I-275 onto Ashley Drive and park in either the Poe Parking Garage or the surface lots normally utilized in the vicinity.

Q: How do I get to MacDill Air Force Base from the Brandon Area?

A: Recommend route: From I-275, take the southbound Dale Mabry exit to the MacDill AFB Dale Mabry gate.

Q: How do I get to the Publix at Platt Street and Bayshore Boulevard?

A: Via Platt Street and exit south onto Bayshore Boulevard.

Q: How do I get to Carlton Academy?

A: Access to Carlton Academy will be east on Jackson Street, right on Nebraska Avenue, right on Washington Street, right on Brush Street to the front of the building. A map is being provided to the owners of Carlton Academy for parents to assist with directions.

Q: What are the boundaries for the City of St. Petersburg's Event Zone?

A: The zone spans from 5th Avenue N (to the north), 7th Avenue S (to the south), 22nd Street N (to the west) and Tampa Bay (to the east).

Q: Will there be road closures in St. Petersburg?

A: Yes, there will be parking restrictions, road closures and pedestrian restrictions downtown and near Tropicana Field.

Q: Which roads will be closed in St. Pete?

A: An interactive map of road closures and parking restrictions is at http://mapguide.stpete.org/stpetegoogle/rnc/ .

Road closures, 5 AM Saturday August 25-6 AM Monday, August 27:

  • 1st Ave N, between 11th & 16th streets
  • 2nd Ave N, between 13th & 16th streets
  • 4th Ave S, between 8th St & MLK/9th
  • Baum Ave, from 13th St east to the property at 1210 1st Ave N
  • Arlington Ave, between 13th & 14th streets
  • The alley north of Arlington Ave, between 13th & 16th streets
  • 13th St N, between 1st Ave S & Arlington Ave N, and SB between Arlington Ave N & 2nd Ave N
  • 14th St N, between Arlington Ave & 2nd Ave N
  • Delmar Terrace South, between 8th St & MLK

Road closures, 4:30 AM, Sunday August 26-6 AM, Monday, August 27:

  • All sides of Mirror Lake Drive North
  • 5th St N, between 2nd & 3rd avenues
  • 2nd Ave N, between Mirror Lake Dr & MLK St/ 9th
  • MLK between Burlington Ave & 5th Ave S
  • 1st Ave N, between 8th St & MLK
  • 1st Ave S, between 8th & 18th streets
  • 2nd Ave S, between 8th & 10th streets
  • Alley north of 2nd Ave S, between MLK & 10th Street
  • 3rd Ave S, between 8th & 10th Streets and between 16th & 19th Streets
  • 4th Ave S, between MLK & 19th Streets
  • 5th Ave S, between 8th & 20th Streets
  • Stadium Dr, between MLK & 16th St
  • 7th Ave S (westbound), between MLK & 16th St
  • 10th St S, between 1st & 4th avenues
  • 16th St S, between Central & 5th Ave S
  • 16th St S, northbound curb lane, between 5th & 7th Ave S
  • 19th St S, between 5th
    • & 1st avenues
    • 17th St S, between 1st & 3rd avenues
    • 10th St S, between 7th & 5th avenues
    • 12th St S, between 7th & 5th avenues
    • 14th St S, between 7th & 5th avenues
    • 6th Ave S, between MLK & 10th St
    • Blackburn Court, between MLK & 10th St

    Q: Will I-175 be closed?

    A: I-175 was closed on Sunday, but is open and will remain open. 

    Q: Can I visit The Pier, Baywalk, Dali Museum, USF-St. Pete and other downtown locations in St. Petersburg?

    A: Access to most downtown and waterfront locations, east of 4th Street N., during the RNC will not be impacted. Parking restrictions will be in place surrounding Al Lang Field, on the northern end of N.Straub Park, and near the intersection of Beach Drive & 7th Avenue N. 

    Q: Where are the parking restrictions in St. Pete?

    A: Parking restrictions will be implemented beginning at 6 PM Thursday, August 23 until 2 AM Friday, August 31 in these areas:

    • 5th Ave N, between Beach Dr & Vinoy Hotel garage
    • Bayshore Dr, between 5th Ave N and the first pedestrian crosswalk south of 5th.
    • Beach Dr., between 6th Ave N and 7th Ave N
    • 7th Ave N, between Beach Dr and Northshore Dr 
    • 4th Ave S, between 1st & 2nd streets (north side)
    • 1st St S, between Al Lang Field entrance & 4th Ave S
    • 2nd St S, between 2nd & 4th avenues S. (east side)
    • 4th St N, between 3rd & 4th avenues
    • 3rd Ave N, between 4th St N and the Courtyard St. Petersburg Hotel (south side)
    • Delmar Terrace, between 8th St & MLK.

    Parking restrictions will be in place from 6 PM Friday, August 24 – 6 AM Monday, August 27 in these areas:

    • All sides of Mirror Lake Drive North
    • 5th St N, between 2nd & 3rd avenues
    • 2nd Ave N, between Mirror Lake Dr & MLK St/9th
    • MLK, between Burlington Ave & 5th Ave S
    • 3rd Ave S, between 8th & 10th Streets
    • 4th Ave S, between 8th & 20th Streets
    • 5th Ave S, between 8th & 20th Streets
    • Stadium Dr, between MLK & 16th St
    • 7th Ave S, between MLK & 16th St
    • 1st Ave N, between 8th St & MLK
    • 1st Ave N, between 11th & 16th streets
    • 2nd Ave N, between 13th & 16th streets
    • Baum Ave, from 13th St to property located at 1210 1st Avenue North
    • Arlington Ave, between 13th & 16th streets
    • The alley north of Arlington Ave N, between 13th & 14th streets
    • 1st Ave South, between 8th & 20th streets
    • 2nd Ave S, between 8th & 10th streets
    • Alley north of 2nd Ave S, between MLK & 10th Street
    • 10th St S, between 1st & 4th avenues
    • 13th St N, between 1st & 2nd avenues
    • 14th St N, between Arlington & 2nd Ave
    • Central Ave, between 13th St and the RR tracks to the west (north side)
    • 20th St S, between 5th Ave S & 5th Ave N
    • 19th St S, between 5th & 1st avenues
    • 3rd Ave S, between 16th & 20th streets
    • 17th St S, between 1st & 3rd avenues
    • 10th St S, between 7th & 5th avenues
    • 12th St S, between 7th & 5th avenues
    • 14th St S, between 7th & 5th avenues
    • 6th Ave S, between MLK & 10th St
    • Blackburn Court, between MLK & 10th St

    Q: Are parking lots open in downtown St. Petersburg?

    A: The City lot at 800 1st Ave. S. will be closed from Saturday, Aug. 25, starting 90 minutes after the Rays game ends, through 7am Monday. All other parking lots will remain open.

    Q: Will PSTA be affected by the RNC?

    A: Yes, the routes that serve downtown Tampa from Pinellas County will be impacted. According to PSTA, the following routes will be detoured from 6 PM August 24 until 6 PM August 31:

    • Route 100X eastbound will travel its regular route to Britton Plaza, right on Dale Mabry, right on I-275 N, Exit 44/Ashley St, left on Cass St, left on Marion St to the Marion Street center. Westbound will travel on Morgan St., right on Tyler St., right on Florida Ave., left on Kay St. to I-275 S., Exit 41A, left on Dale Mabry Hwy. to Britton Plaza to regular route. Passengers may catch the route at Britton Plaza or Marion Street Center.
    • Route 300X Eastbound will travel on its regular route to a left on Cass St., left on Marion St. to Marion Street Center. Passengers may catch the route at Marion Street Center.

    Q:  Where are the delegates being housed, and how will I be affected?

    A: I'd expect to see caravans of buses and perhaps law enforcement when the delegates are transported to/from events. The delegates will be housed in multiple locations, including:

    • CLEARWATER BEACH: Hilton Clearwater Beach (American Samoa, New York, Puerto Rico); Wyndham Garden Clearwater Beach (Kentucky); Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Clearwater Beach (Montana, Washington); Clearwater Beach Marriott Suites on Sand Key (Virginia); Shephard's Beach Resort (South Dakota)
    • INDIAN ROCKS BEACH: Holiday Inn Harbourside (Indiana)
    • PALM HARBOR: Innisbrook Resort (Florida, South Carolina)
    • SAFETY HARBOR: Safety Harbor Resort & Spa (Tennessee)
    • SAND KEY: Sheraton Sand Key Resort (Illinois, Oregon); Clearwater Beach Marriott Suites on Sand Key (Rhode Island)
    • ST. PETERSBURG/CLEARWATER AIRPORT: Holiday Inn Clearwater-St. Petersburg Airport (Colorado, New Mexico); St. Petersburg Marriott Clearwater – Airport (Idaho)
    • ST. PETERSBURG/DOWNTOWN: Hilton St. Petersburg Bayfront (North Carolina); Postcard Inn on the Beach (Alaska)
    • ST.PETE BEACH: TradeWinds Island Resorts (California, Northern Mariana Islands); Alden Beach Resort & Suites (Guam, Nebraska); Sirata Beach Resort & Conference Center (Minnesota, New Jersey)
    • TAMPA – TIA/ROCKY POINT/WESTSHORE AREA: CrownePlaza Tampa (Alabama); Embassy Suites Tampa, Airport/Westshore (Arizona); Wyndham Tampa Westshore (Delaware, DC, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine); Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay – Rocky Point (Georgia); Sheraton Suites Tampa Airport Westshore (Hawaii, West Virginia, Wyoming); HiltonGarden Inn Tampa Airport Westshore (Kansas); Hilton Tampa Airport Westshore (Utah); DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Hotel Tampa Bay – Rocky Point (Maryland, Nevada, Pennsylvania); Tampa Airport Marriott (Missouri); Mainsail Suites Hotel & Conference Center (Ohio); Best Western Bay Harbor Hotel (Oklahoma)
    • TAMPA/DOWNTOWN: Tampa Marriott Waterside Hotel & Marina (Massachusetts); Embassy Suites Tampa, Downtown Convention Center (Michigan); Hyatt Regency Tampa (Wisconsin, Mississippi)
    • TAMPA/YBOR CITY: Hilton Garden Inn Tampa Ybor Historic District (Arkansas)
    • TREASURE ISLAND: Bilmar Beach Resort (Connecticut, North Dakota); Sunset Vistas Beachfront Suites (Iowa); Crystal Palms Beach Resort (US Virgin Islands)
    • WESLEY CHAPEL: Saddlebrook Resort (Louisiana, Texas)

    Q: How are the delegates getting around?

    A: Approximately 400 charter buses will shuttle delegates, alternate delegates, media and other guests from their respective hotels to the Tampa Bay Times Forum and Tampa Convention Center.

    Q: Will the RNC affect boat traffic?

    A: Yes. The U.S. Coast Guard has established a Federal Security Zone on the water near the Tampa Convention Center and Tampa Bay Times Forum, from August 25-31. The security zone's southern boundary is south of Harbour Island between Davis Islands and Hooker's Point. On the east side, the security zone will run as far north as Ybor Channel (near the dry docks). On the west side, the security zone will run through Seddon Channel north to Kennedy Blvd.

    Q: Are the waterways within the Federal Security Zones closed to recreational boaters?

    A: Yes, during the following hours:

    • Monday, August 27: 7 AM – 3 PM; 5 PM-Midnight
    • Tuesday, August 28: 5 PM-Midnight
    • Wednesday, August 29: 5 PM-Midnight
    • Thursday, August 30: 5 PM-Mightnight

    Q: How does the security zone affect Seddon Channel/Hillsborough River?

    A: When the waterways are open to recreational traffic, the following restrictions will be in place:

    • Recreational boaters/vessels will be screened at established stations before access is allowed through the Federal Security Zone, which may include a search by trained canines. Plan for delays.
    • No weapons
    • Your vessel will be escorted along a course edged by barriers
    • No stopping, anchoring, mooring or loitering will be permitted

    Q: What is the Coast Guard's Exclusion Zone?

    A: The security zone includes an exclusion zone, which runs along the northern edge of Harbour Island from Jackson's Bistro on the northwest corner east to the Beneficial Bridge, including Garrison Channel. No vessel movement will be permitted in this area. Recreational boating is not permitted within Sparkman Channel, Ybor Channel, Ybor Turning Basin.

    Q: What if my boat is moored in the exclusion zone?

    A: Vessels moored within this exclusion zone, and those who wish to access them will be subject to inspection. If you plan to use your vessel while the security zone is in effect, you must relocate your vessel prior to noon on August 25. Additionally, tying up at the Tampa Convention Center is forbidden August 25-31.

    Q: How with the RNC affect boat traffic in Pinellas County?

    A: The US Coast Guard authorized several bridges to remain in the closed position, August 26-30, to allow for transportation of officials and participants to the RNC.  Affected bridges are:

    • Walsingham Road/Indian Rocks Beach (CR 688) Bridge
    • Park Boulevard (CR 694) Bridge
    • Welch/Tom Stuart Causeway/150th Avenue Bridge
    • Treasure Island Causeway Bridge
    • Corey Causeway/Pasadena Avenue Bridge
    • Pinellas Bayway Structure "C" (SR 679) Bridge
    • Johns Pass Bridge

    Q: When will those bridges be closed to navigational traffic?

    • August 26, 3:30PM-7:30PM
    • August 27, 11AM-2PM; 3:30-6:30PM
    • August 28, 3:30-6:30PM
    • August 29, 3:30-6:30PM
    • August 30, 3:30-6:30PM

    Q: Will vehicular traffic be allowed on those bridges?

    A: Yes.

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