Welcome to the ABC Action News “Taking Action Against Domestic Violence” campaign!

Now in its 8th year, the awareness campaign is built around the FL DV Hotline, 1-800-500-1119, and the state certified domestic violence centers serving the Tampa Bay area. ABC Action News works with directly with the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence in our state capitol to create awareness of the DV hotline and all 10 local DV centers - see links to the right.

The “Taking Action Against Domestic Violence” campaign is a year-round commitment that extends across all media platforms of ABC Action News. We produce special reports, public service announcements, and a 1-hour, commercial free special that airs in October – National DV Awareness Month.

This webpage is designed to serve as a resource for you, with links to local DV centers, the warning signs of domestic violence, a guide to “safety planning”,  videos, and our annual 1-Hour Special! Also on this webpage, you’ll find the “Wheel of Power and Control”  which illustrates the different aspects of dating violence/domestic violence and the “Wheel of Equality” which, conversely, illustrates what a healthy relationship is. Domestic violence experts and counselors use both of these “wheels” to help victims of domestic violence or worried loved ones.

New in 2016, we’ve expanded our annual Taking Action Against Domestic Violence “Officer-of-the-Year Award” to accept nominations from 10 Bay area counties - Citrus to Sarasota, Pinellas to Polk! 
Congratulations to our winner Chief Kim Bogart of the New Port Richey Police Department.  Bogart is just one of the everyday heroes we are showcasing on this year’s special! 

Many thanks the Allstate Foundation & Verizon HopeLine who help the ABC Action News family make this commitment a reality each year! A heartfelt thanks to our community partners at PostcardMania and the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence for helping us spread this message of awareness far and wide.

CALL 1-800-500-1119 IF YOU NEED HELP
If you or someone you know may be a victim of domestic violence, call the 1-800-500-1119 hotline to connect with experts at the DV center located nearest you. All 10 DV centers in the Tampa Bay area can be reached via the statewide DV hotline. For your own protection, the hotline number is untraceable and will not be displayed on your phone or phone bill.