Will Buccaneer's defense give up another lead against Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints

Bucs hope to break three game losing streak

Tampa - In the famous Jim Mora rant of all time, I will not mention "playoffs!" anymore.

No chance, no way, no how.

I don't even have to explain.

Do I sound disappointed?  Yep.

Actually I'm very disappointed.  

Disappointed in the reason why this football team has no chance to get to the ....  Why this team will never reach its potential the rest of this season.

A darn shame.

It boils down to the defensive, period.  End of discussion.  

That group has been a season killer.  

Some of it has to do with injury.  Some of it has to do with Adderall.  Some of it has to do with inexperience.

Did I say I was disappointed?

Personally, I don't want to lay eyes on CB Eric Wright anymore.  Be thankful E Dub I'm not your team owner.  You and your butt would be out the door.

E Dub, you have some explaining to do and not the that bunch of BS you issued as a statement for all of us to read.  

I want to look you in the eyes when you come clean.

I want to see an act of contrition.

Now that I've vented, let's move on to the Saints this week.

A much better QB in Drew Brees who has already come from behind to beat the Bucs once this season.  

Why wouldn't he do it again against you know what.

New Orleans, right now, is riding a very emotional wave.

The league's former NFL Commissioner told the present one he screwed up.

His suspensions and fines against four current and former NO Saints players were over the top.  

They were dropped, and the Saints feel like their whole season was taken away from them by a heavy handed commissioner who now finds himself facing a defamation lawsuit.

Personally, I think the truth of the matter in this bounty deal is somewhere in the middle.  Plus, I do believe there was a "pool of money" available.

Believe me, the Saints didn't invent this.  It's been around a long time.  

Now that the league is making so many billions on TV contracts, they are in a super protective mode of their stars.  

Twenty years ago, no one cared.  Ten years ago, some started to care.

Now, their are rules on rules to protect players.

Unfortunately, none of those rules are going to protect the Bucs defense this week.

Actually, we've seen a regression among the young Bucs CB's.  Probably due more to the talent they're facing than anything else.

Colston and Henderson are on deck.  The two Saints WR's who are a difficult duo to stop.

What the Saints don't have is a defense either.

They are just as bad as the Bucs, with less excuses why.

We're looking at the same type of game as we saw earlier in the season in Tampa.

I just don't know exactly how this bounty stuff has affected NO this week.

Brees was certainly emotional in his response directed at NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Are these guys going to use this vindication as a motivating source this week?

Or has this week weakened the Saints, draining some of their emotion as the week wore on?

Which is it?

I got a good read on the Bucs players.  Not sure abouit the Bayou bunch.

I read how they have "prideful" players in their locker room.  Yeh, yeh, yeh.  We hear that all the time when the team stinks.

Fact, is towards the end of the season, when it does't really count anymore, the players try to get through it without injury.

So, where do I go this week.

Last week, the game went pretty much as I expected, except for the loss.  I thought Bucs would win, but that 8 1/2 point line too high.

This week, it's the Saints minus 3 1/2 points.  

The Bucs have lost three straight.  

When the Bucs have the lead late, are they going to gag again?

Brees has stunk it up lately.  

The Giants laid 52 big ones on the Saints last week.  

Even if the Bucs throw up that many points, can they hold NO to less?

I'm looking for the Saints to cover this spread late in the game, or fall a point short.

Either way NO wins.

I'm taking the Saints minus the 3 1/2.

TK's Pick:  Saints - 3 1/2
TK vs. Spread 8-5

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