Was Marty so distraught about not making Team Canada originally, he wanted out of Tampa? Come On!

Was St. Louis acting like a baby?

TAMPA - I try to never respond to anything when I get mad, which is why this TK’s Take on the Marty St. Louis situation comes a few hours after we heard from the key people involved.

I am totally disappointed.  I am still a bit mad.  I am still a bit shocked.  I am hoping what I heard today was just a dream.

It isn’t.

Fresh off his return from the Olympics and a gold medal in tow, St. Louis was faced with responding to the rumor he asked Lightning GM Steve Yzerman to be traded.

When asked to clear up the rumor, St. Louis said the conversations he and Yzerman had about his future with the team were private, and with respect to his teammates, he wasn’t going to say anything further.

A short time later, Yzerman responded by said he wasn’t going to talk about this trade rumor or any other rumor, that’s just the way it is.

In short, neither denied the rumor when given the chance.

It obvious these two guys can’t even be in the same room together.

The bitterness must still be oozing out of St. Louis for the initial snub of not being named to Team Canada.

Maybe that’s why St. Louis had to “sleep on his decision” to accept his position as a replacement for Steven Stamkos.

I find it hard to believe that St. Louis is still standing by his alleged request to be traded.

I can see the day he realized he didn’t make the team Marty was mad; had a conversation with Yzerman, told him to trade him, and went sulking to his room.

When he was later added to Team Canada, St. Louis calmed down, realized it would be stupid to turn the invitation down, and went to Sochi.

Unfortunately, for St. Louis, whoever leaked the conversation he had with Yzerman on the trade request (his agent?), all hell broke loose.

Most of us didn’t take this seriously.  It would seem totally out of character for St. Louis to stoop to the adolescent level he did because he didn’t get his way.

For God sakes, he’s the team captain.  He’s a Tampa Bay Lightning.  He gets paid over $5M to play a season.  Act like a captain!

He is loved by many in this community.  He’s not the little guy who had to fight his way to this level with us.

He’s the guy who LEADS this team and we have his back.

Now I’m not so sure.

The only reason I can see St. Louis’s point if it was made perfectly clear to him Yzerman blocked his spot on Team Canada in the first place for selfish reasons.

He didn’t want St. Louis to wear himself out.  He wanted Marty fresh for the playoff run.

Is that scenario possible?  That would be another stunner.

All I can say to Marty is I respect him as a man and as a professional hockey player.  He’s a good husband and father.

In the same breath, I’d tell him to come clean on this whole mess, even if it embarrasses him.

Leaders lead, and are not afraid to say they were wrong.

As for Yzerman, I have become more and more impressed with his abilities to be a GM.

He knows talent and is not afraid to make the intelligent tough decision.

That’s a leader.

Marty has this season and next under contract.  I hope he remains with the team.

Yzerman is not going to trade him away unless he gets what he wants.

To be honest, you’re not going to get what you want for a 38-year old player unless he’s Wayne Gretzky.

Marty should still be with this team as the March 5, 3pm trade deadline passes.

We can all get on with our lives.

Marty can move on to being what he is paid to be- a leader of the Tampa Bay Lightning.

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