TK's Take: Does Jameis Winston really believe we are that dumb to believe him?

Heisman Trophy winner "forgot" to pay for food

Has anyone in Tallahassee noticed that their coddled, adolescent, and self-entitled quarterback is incapable of being a upstanding citizen.

Yes, we are talking about Jameis Winston.

If I were in FSU's athletic department, I would have a very serious come-to-Jesus meeting with him.

If he has anyone in his family that can act as his mentor, I would have another come-to-Jesus meeting with him.

If I were Jameis Winston, I would have a serious reflecting moment in the mirror and see what he has become.

He's a pain in the @##$!

This latest episode of walking out of a Tallahassee Publix without paying for $32.00 of seafood is a pure indication of his self proclaimed sense of entitlement.

This was no adolescent mistake.

This was outright shoplifting.

But in the good spirit of keeping up with the rest of Tallahassee, Publix decided to believe Winston when he said he forgot to pay.

He admitted as much three hours later to the cops when they showed up at his apartment door.

Three hours later, and he made no attempt to go back to Publix to pay up?

Winston is full of it. He lied in my mind, and that alone speaks to his character, which is diminishing by the month.

Futhermore, am I to believe that the statement released through his attorney was actually was written by Winston?

No way.

And if he didn't have $32.00 to pay for seafood, how is he going to pay his attorney for the hour of so it took to write that statement for him?

Who is paying for his attorney?

Why does he have an attorney?

Because he needs one.

Name me one athlete in college that is a sophomore that has his own attorney.

I commend FSU baseball coach Mike Martin for suspending Winston indefinitely until he completes 20 hours of community service, which was part of the civil citation deal he received instead of being charged.

I do feel for Coach Martin. He, too, has been saddled with an athlete that believes he is a legend in his own mind.

Lets be frank here. The only reason Winston is playing baseball is because, as he said, it's a place he can get away from everything. It's his sanctuary, just as the football field is.

This is not the first minor run-in with the law. A Tallahassee Burger King manager accused Winston of walking out of his store with a soda.

Let's not forget about the $4,200 in damages he and three other FSU players caused to their apartment building during a BB gun battle. The damages were paid, and no charges were filed. Who paid?

And the coup de gras of cases involving Winston, A December 2012 sexual-assualt investigation, in which no charges were filed by the State Attorney's Office due to lack of evidence.

I don't want to hear that his actions are magnified because he is a Heisman Trophy winner.

That has nothing to do with what's going on here.

He is walking a slippery slope as a man. It's time to man up, Jameis.

Don't think that the NFL isn't taking notice. Not one NFL team wants a bone-head leading their offense, no matter your talent level.

As for the present time, we have a question for Head Football Coach Jimbo Fisher: What penalties are you going to impose on Winston?

You can only cover for someone for so long.

What's the saying: One time, shame on me. Two times, shame on you.

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