Tampa-born Tino Martinez quits Marlins after abuse claim by players

Martinez was quinessential teammate

Tampa - I have to say I was a bit shocked to see the riff Tampa's Tino Martinez got into down in Miami.

Coaching the Marlins has to test anyone's patience.

Apparently Tino's threshold hit its apex.

Word got out that Tino, the Marlins batting coach, verbally abused some of the players, and admittedly, Tino grabbed one of the players by his jersey, not his neck and chain as claimed.

Tino resigned, and presumably headed back to here to Tampa.

I've known Tino a long time.  He was playing ball in high school and then at UT, and then the majors.

He was one of the most respectful athletes I've ever come across.

That's why what happened in Miami was so out of character.

I do know that Tino is respectful of the game and its history.

I do know Tino was the quintessential teammate when he was in the majors.

So what in the world happened here?

I don't like to presume, but it shouldn't take an Einstein to figure this one out.

Mix in frustration, testosterone, and an ill-devised strategy into one bowl and you've got the answer.

Tino admitted he tried to be firm with the players, but that didn't work.

Tino borderlines the old school of thinking as many great Tampa born players and coaches has before him.

That doesn't work in this day and age.

First of all, you can get sued now.

A much more fragile being you're dealing with these days.

Firm dialog draws the line.  Tino went beyond that line of demarcation.

But, in true Tino Martinez fashion, he admitted he overstepped his bounds and resigned.

Not like some of these big-time blowhards who HGH'ed their way into the record books and told us they were innocent.

Major League Baseball has its problems, far greater in scope and certainly egregious.

In my estimation, Tino's episode in Miami was far from egregious.

I just hope this doesn't sour Tino on the game or his chances to coach in the game again.

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