Super Bowl XLVII: Look for lower scoring game than most think

Winner will have a "special" day

TAMPA - Welcome to Super Bowl XLVII, also known this week as the Super "Baugh."

Jim and John Harbaugh have been the center of attention for most the week.

Two brothers, for the second time in their NFL coaching careers going head to head, only this time in the big enchilada.

The other headline story has been the end of the road for Ravens Linebacker Ray Lewis.

He's retiring around 10:30 Sunday night.

After that, Ray can use all the deer-antler spray he desires.  I hear Vijay Singh has plenty in his Florida home.

I must be the most naïve person on the planet.  Never before did I even think that a chemical in deer-antler spray would be grouped in with the PED and HGH family.

It's going to cost VJ a PGA tour suspension for willingly admitting he used it, albeit unknowing it contained a banned substance.

As for Ray, well, he has denied using it, but it doesn't matter anyway.  He's retiring.

Yet, there is still around 60 minutes of football wrapped around goofy commercials to be played in the Big Easy.

Baltimore vs. San Francsico.

Let's compare.

Here are some stats for you chew on:  Baltimore on the left.  SF on the right.


Avg. Yds (Rk)


Avg. Yds (Rk)

233.7 (15th)

Pass Off.

206.1 (23rd)

118.8 (11th)

Rush Off.

155.7 (4th)

228.1 (17th)

Pass Def.

200.2 (4th)

122.8 (19th)

Rush Def.

94.2 (4th)





From the likes of these numbers, we'd be lucky to get a 17-14 final.

However, the over/under for the game is 47 ½ points.

That tells me the boys in Vegas are looking for a 24-23 type game, or maybe a 27-20 game.

Unless someone absolutely chokes in this one, we won't see a 37-10 blowout.

I doubt either of these defenses allow that to happen.

However, the old saying "defense wins championships" won't apply to this Super Bowl.

Offense will win this one and I really believe scoring will be a luxury.

So, I have to look at who has the big play ability.

I like Joe Flacco's arm, maybe the strongest in the NFL.

I like Colin Kaepernick's ability to scramble and throw on the run.

Both are dangerous in their own right.

Where SF has the advantage is at running back.  Frank Gore is a beast, and he relishes big stages.

If he rushes for over 100 yards, which is possible, SF wins this game easily.

Not really counting on that happening, but I am counting on this -- special teams presence will win this game.

My money would be on San Francisco.

LaMichael James will be the best kick returner in this game.  If he gets open space, bye-bye.

49ers punter Andy Lee has a wheel and can be precise when needed.

FG kicker David Akers is the weak link.  He has been in a funk and the 49ers have been able to rally past his miscues.

If he connects Sunday, 49ers win and cover easily.

If he doesn't, look for the Ravens to come from behind to win outright or beat the 3 ½ point spread in a losing effort.

As much as I would like to pull for the Lakeland Kathleen HS boys on the Ravens, Ray Lewis and Albert McClellan, I'm an NFC guy.

I'm taking the 49ers minus the 3 ½ points.  They win it by six.

When it's over, former USF Head Coach Jim Leavitt will bask in the celebration of being a part of the best the NFL had to offer in 2013.

Enjoy the party.  Oh, and go with the under 47 ½.

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