One step at a time: From drug dealer to amputee to world class athlete

David Prince is a U.S. Paralympic Team member

TAMPA BAY, Fla. - It's hard to go as fast as David Prince does on one good foot. It's also hard to imagine living as fast as David did back when he had two.

At 18-years-old, David was a high school dropout, a drug user and a drug dealer. He lost his foot in a motorcycle accident after crashing at 145 mph on a small rural road. It was just five days after he'd bought the bike, which he got, in part, to out-run police if they ever tried to stop him.

But even after the accident, he continued to misbehave. In and out of jail, and continuing to deal, he ran out of places to turn.  His own mom was on the brink of kicking him out of her house.

But the night before the sheriff was to come to officially evict him, he sat on her back porch next to a trash bag full of all his worldly possessions and thought about taking his life. Instead, he ended up changing it. 

He realized that what he had been doing all those years wasn't working. And that if he kept doing it, things would only get worse.  He needed a total transformation to ensure that he wasn't a complete and utter failure.

David did an about-face, with some much-needed help. His mom gave him one last chance. And she also gave him her gym membership.

David stopped pushing dope and started pumping iron. He worked out constantly, and with guidance, ultimately found his way into triathlons and track and field.
Now 28, he's a member of the U.S. Paralympic Team, an American record holder and more importantly, a husband and a stepfather. 

It's hard to imagine living life as well as David is, especially now that he's living for three.


Click on the video story above to see David's story, and hear what his 28-year-old self would tell his 18-year-old self if he had the chance to intervene.

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