Schiano reacts to player poll making him least desirable to play for

TAMPA - How would you feel if a random sampling of employees in your business named you as the least desirable to work for? 


That was Greg Schiano's reaction.

In a Sporting News poll of 103 random NFL players, 20 named the Bucs' rookie head coach as the one who they'd least like to play for, with many noting his over-aggressiveness early in the season on end-of-game kneel downs as part of the bad image they have of him.  Some noted their concern for safety, and his perceived lack thereof.  His intensity and what some perceive as a college approach was also cited.

Schiano reacted in his Thursday press conference with a laugh, noting the 61 players in his locker room as the only ones he cares about.  (The poll did not allow any players surveyed to pick a coach on their own team.)  "Now, if they voted, we're going to ship them off to Buffalo, or something, you know?" he joked.

You can see Schiano's answer here around the 7:03 mark of the press conference (visit ). 

For what it's worth, the Giants' Tom Coughlin got the dubious honor last year, and went on to win his second Super Bowl in the five years.  Ultimately, there's something pretty desirable about that.

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