Same offensive game plan: Let it rip!

Adrian Peterson must be stopped

TAMPA - Imagine playing a game without a practice.  No real reps, just go out there and play. 

Kind of like the way former Buc Kellen Winslow approached each week.

That's what the boys are facing this week.

As of this writing, they are winging their way to Minneapolis.

Vikings are on the schedule and I'd feel a lot better about this game if it was in Tampa.

Minnesota is 4-0 at home this season.

The good news is, outside the 49ers, they haven't played anyone, and are 5 - 2 on the year.

The difference between the Vikes and Bucs is so minimal, either of these two teams can win Thursday night.

If the Bucs offense can muster up 21 points, they have a good chance of winning.

UNLESS, the Bucs run defense falls apart and RB Adrian Peterson steps all over them.

I really don't think the Vikes have anything else that can burn the Bucs defense.

They do have Percy Harvin, who is a special teams returner that can blow by you in a flash.

The Bucs counter with Roscoe Parrish.

Distinctive advantage for Minny.  Could it prove the different?

I'm not all that geeked up on QB Christian Ponder.  His last three games have been less than stellar.

Wouldn't mind if he made it four in a row.

As for Bucs QB Josh Freeman-  let it fly Thursday night big boy. 

Keep that synergy going with VJ and MW, not to mention T'Q U. 

Throw Dallas in the plan and Minnesota can't defend them. 

The line hasn't budged, holding at Vikings - 6 1/2 points.

Nice line form the boys in Vegas.

They're probably right on the 6 or 7 point finish, which makes my week a difficult one.

Last week, I couldn't see the Bucs defense hold it's own against the likes of Drew Brees.

Christian Ponder is not Drew Brees.

Yet Minny is unbeaten at home, and the Bucs are winless on the road, but lost to the NY Giants by 7 and Dallas by six.

Minny isn't in the Giant's class, maybe Dallas.

So here's holding my breath that the boys in pewter and red are physical ready for this game.

I'm taking the Bucs plus the 6 1/2 pioints.

TK's Pick:  Bucs + 6 1/2

TK vs. Spread  3-3

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