Richie Incognito "bullied" as a kid, then came his dad's advice

Martin smart to leave Dolphins before real trouble

MIAMI - I think we're all trying to get a handle on this Dolphins fiasco as each day brings a new twist.

A most embarrassing situation, revealing what a high dose of testosterone mixed with adolescent behavior becomes.

What we're seeing unveil right before our eyes shouldn't surprise you. 

I will say I'm a bit befuddled it comes under the watch of Head Coach Joe Philbin.

I'm quite sure that his former boss, Packers HC Mike McCarthy would back me up here.

All that has become public in these past 72 hours isn't even remotely close to what Philbin stands for as a man.

What has become public gives us enough information to draw a hypothesis on what went down here.

In one corner you have Richie Incognito.  Apparently a likeable guy among his Dolphins peers, but seemingly a complete train wreck mentally.

In the other corner we have Jonathan Martin, a well-educated fellow from a well-to-do family who spent his entire life growing up in well-mannered private schools.

Their common denominator- they play NFL football.

It's their only common denominator.

Incognito is a veteran of the game with a penchant to walk to the beat of his own drummer.  So much so, the Rams sent him packing.  So did Nebraska and Oregon.

Incognito's skewed view of his fellow man came long before he went to college.

Incognito was ridiculed for being overweight as a child, especially during sixth grade in Glendale, Ariz.

His father, Richie Sr., a Vietnam veteran, told that he gave his son advice: "If you let anyone give you (expletive) now, you're going to take (expletive) your entire life."

A bully was born.

Now, let's throw in Miami's offensive line coach, Jim Turner, a former Marine.

Are you starting to see the picture?

Incognito is Turner's biggest asset on that offensive line.  Martin was his Achilles heel.

Not tough enough, they said, so Dolphins coaches went to Incognito to "toughen the kid up."

My guess is Turner is the coach, and Incognito's personal background plays a big part in the bonding process between the two.

What no one counted on was Martin rebelling in a civil manner after Incognito completely crossed the line of human decency.

Wrong guy for the job.

Martin walked out and reportedly went straight to a local hospital for treatment of emotional stress.

Philbin went to see him in the hospital until Martin's parents showed up. 

Martin was on the next plane to California.

Keep in mind Martin's parents are both educated at Harvard and both are attorneys.

It's doubtful either knew what really goes on in the inner-sanctum of an NFL locker room.

Or to make it clearer, what is considered acceptable behind those doors.

They have gotten an earful by now and I'm quite sure heads will roll.

Not so much the coaches, we're talking players.

Incognito may be the brawn behind the Martin story.

There likely are more teammates that tagged along in other over-the-top rookie rituals.

$30,000 dollar rookie tabs for meals.

$15,000 for trips to Vegas which Martin never went on, but forked over the loot for fear of retribution.

That's not rookie hazing, that's extortion. 

Who knows what else will be revealed.

Some are saying all this wouldn't be an issue if Martin wasn't so soft.

Some are saying Martin should have told Incognito to shove it where the sun doesn't shine.

Some are saying another veteran should have stepped in and put a stop to this nonsense.

Some are saying this whole thing has been blown out proportion.

Incognito and Martin were friends.  Incognito referred to Martin as his "little brother."

If these two were indeed close, it become quite clear to me that Martin became distraught when Incognito went too far with his tactics.

Racial slurs in text messages, demeaning messages.  All from a quote end quote friend.

Martin didn't have any other friends on the team.  That's obvious.

He had nowhere to turn.  He didn't know who to trust with his problem.

The hazing slash harassment slash extortion had gone on long enough.

He picked himself up and walked out.  Not on the Dolphins, on the situation before he exploded.

Martin says he wants to play again for the Dolphins. 

Incognito, put in a no-win position by his coach(es), will fall on the sword.

Philbin's reputation will remain intact.

Other players will be implicated. 

It's going to get uglier.

And we thought 0-8 was the pits.

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