Price's Cy Young a strong signal of respect for the entire Rays organization

Fernando Rodney had a hand in Price's honor

TAMPA - All day long Wednesday I wondered if the vote would tip in David Price's favor.

A 20-game winner in a season that came so close to another playoff appearance.

A season that brought new stadium talk.

A season that saw St. Pete's mayor draw a line in the sand.

A season that we said our quiet goodbye's to Outfielder B.J. Upton.

Ah, David Price, he made the season pleasurable, along with his band of brothers as he calls them.

Tonight, he is the best of the best among pitchers in the American League.

A four-vote win over Detroit ace Justin Verlander.

It was the closest vote in Cy Young history since the tie in 1969.

It was by far the biggest vote of confidence this Rays team has received.

The way I look at it, Price's Cy Young award is a sign of respect from those closest to the game coast to coast.

It is also a direct reflection on the Rays organization, one of the best in baseball.

A team that battles in a division of multi-multi-million dollar payrolls.

By the way, Toronto's recent mega-trade has made it an even harder division to live in.

But it's pitcher like David Price that give this team a chance.

Its pitchers like David Price that makes me remember the game I use to play as a kid.

Tonight, when asked about winning the Cy Young, he said his legs were shaking. 

When he fell in love with the game, he was a novice to walking.  Price was two years old.

Now, he rarely walks anyone when it's his turn on the mound.

Funny how things happen. 

Price's margin of victory was four points.  Seven points was awarded for one first place vote.

Rays closer Fernando Rodney received one of those first place votes.

Had it gone to Verlander, he would have won for a second year in a row.

Imagine that, a man who closed out most of David Price's wins got the save again.

Now, that's teamwork.

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