Price:"I don't think I'll be traded." Maddon: "It takes two to dance, boys."

Price's chance of being trade has diminished

St. Petersburg - If today was indeed David Price's farewell performance, it's not the way he wanted to go out. 

Price took the loss in today's 5-0 defeat to Milwaukee.

After the game, Price wasn't even aware the trade deadline was tomorrow.  He thought it was today!

In fact, he even made light of this being his final start--in July on twitter.

I would think by now, if there was any team out there within a player of making a deal for Price, we would know about it.

The Rays are asking a ton in return and apparently aren't going to back down from their demands.

As Manage Joe Maddon said after today's loss, "It takes two to dance, man."

It appears, as of this hour, there's no real partner on the floor.

David Price remains a Rays and will likely be one after 4 pm tomorrow.

Enjoy your golf game, David!

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