Plant Head Football Coach Robert Weiner has change of heart, turns down USF wide receivers job

Weiner has won four state titles in nine seasons

TAMPA BAY - I wasn't shocked at all when Robert Weiner was named USF's wide receivers coach over the weekend.

I was shocked that he turned it down.

When Willie Taggart was introduced as USF's head coach, Weiner was there along with a couple of other high school coaches.

I knew then there was a chance that Robert might consider moving up.

In his words, "you never know."

Fully aware of how much he cared for his players and his pupils at Plant, I thought he couldn't just walk away.

Being close and still in Tampa could keep him at arms length with the program, which would have been of great benefit in USF's recruiting efforts.

But Weiner today decided no.  He's staying at Plant.

We'll hear from the coach himself about his reasons why.

It surely isn't about money.  It surely isn't about coaching opportunity.  Could be a parallel of what Nick Saban decided once he took the Alabama job. "College is for me, not the pros."

For Weiner, mentoring high school athletes is his calling, not coaching in college.

Sometime your heart just overpowers your mind.

I believe it did in this case.  At least, it was a major reason for his reversal.

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