NY Jets release Tim Tebow one year after an ill-fated attempt to fit him into their system

Tebow has a future in NFL, but not as a QB

TAMPA - Not often do you have an athlete adored like Tim Tebow.

To date, he has over two-million twitter followers leaning on his every word.

Tebowmania was in full bloom.  "Tebowing" was worth emulating.

He was more than an athlete.

Tebow was a figure of promise that with hard work and discipline championships can be won.

He would be the one to lead an NFL franchise like he led the Gators.

But when you peel back his persona, his deeply religious beliefs and his clean-cut style, there was an average NFL quarterback.

Those in the NFL circles had their doubts.

John Elway was never married to Tebow when he posted in Denver.

That's why he brought in Peyton Manning, who by the way, didn't get much farther than Tebow did in the playoffs, did he?

Denver found a taker in the NY Jets, who gave up a fourth-round pick for the lefty.

That franchise would welcome any change at quarterback since they didn't have a bona fide starter to begin with.

Mark Sanchez was struggling, yet when it came down to comparing the two, the Jets decided to go with Sanchez this season.  What does that tell you?

It tells me that Tebow's arrival in JetsNation had everything to do with Owner Woody Johnson and nothing to do with the football staff.

Tebow wilted on the bench while Sanchez waffled on the field.

So, in a move that was orchestrated by new GM John Idzik, the side-show ended today.

Tebow was released, will likely clear waivers, and become a free agent.

I know you are asking that question right now:  Who will sign Tebow?

As a quarterback, I'd be surprised if anyone stepped forward.

As a tight end, there are suitors to at least give it a go.

One problem.  As far as we know, Tebow is unwilling to switch from quarterback to any position.

I'm not one to give anyone advise in an arena I've never set foot in, but I will say this much; there is a fine line holding to your beliefs and being stubborn.

You need to see the forest through the trees. 

You need to be realistic.

In this day and age, and in the NFL, it doesn't hurt to be flexible.

If I was Tebow, I'd give the above some thought.

It's likely the only avenue back into the NFL.

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