Major League artist Tim Raines paints without a brush

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - Tim Raines is an artist without a brush.  Though, he doesn't really need one. 

Drop by drop, Tim lands another piece of America's pastime on his canvas.

The St. Petersburg artist is licensed by Major League Baseball to use his unique style to create his spin on each of the 30 team logos.  It was a licensing deal that helped launch his career.

But his background isn't exclusively in art.  He was in the tech industry most of his career, painting only on the side.  But he used his business sense and linked up with a licensing agent to pursue the licensing deal with MLB.  Since they liked what they saw, he's now liking the opportunities that are coming his way.

Tim visits with teams as well as players, often helping out by doing art to benefit their charities.  He also does performance art, creating a piece in a few hours with an audience.  Some of his pieces take three hours.  Others take up to three days. 

Prints of his paintings of each team logo is in the Major League Baseball office in New York.  Many of the originals are on the walls of his downtown St. Pete gallery .  And he has a nice outlet to help sell his work, including the Major League Baseball website and many of the team stores.

To see Tim's story, click the video above.  And to see more of his art, check out his website or his gallery on Central Avenue in St. Petersburg.

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