Joe Paterno to possibly speak Wednesday

We all want answers

Tampa - I've spent the past 48 hours trying to absorb everything that has come to light on the Penn State campus.

I've researched all that I could possibly stomach.

I've tried to keep an objective viewpoint.

I've been haunted by one question.

How could this have happened? How could Jerry Sandusky been given a personal den of iniquity knowing full well of his past.

I tried to finish reading the lengthy indictment on Sandusky, but couldn't finish.

Without even having a remote personal attachment to the school or the people involved, I wanted to ring many a neck.

From the highest administrator at Penn State, down to the hourly worker who witnessed Sandusky's inconceivable acts and did nothing to stop it, I wanted to fire them all for starters.

Eight boys in a 12 year period. No one even lifted a finger to stop it.

It will take a complete reversal of fortune for me to even begin to change my mind that there was a definite cover-up.

From school administrators, to Head Coach Joe Paterno, to whomever else was in the know -- is this what loyalty means?

Turning your head, saving the face of one your own, knowing full well he was violating young boys.

Worst yet, these acts were on university property.

Was it worth it?

Was it worth tarnishing the image of Penn State?

Was it worth keeping a secret until it became too big to keep?

I put myself in the midst of this scandal and asked myself – what would I do?

I would have faced Sandusky, and turned him in. No questions asked.

I would have felt more responsible losing my job and stopping this man from hurting another.

At that point, my loyalty lies in my beliefs, not my superiors.

So tonight we head into another day without hearing from the man everyone wants to hear from, Joe Paterno.

He was muted Tuesday by the university. His son, Scott says that the coach may speak tomorrow.

He has to speak out. He has to give his side of the story.

Perhaps there are mitigating circumstances that may make me understand why he didn't stop Sandusky.

I doubt it, but I will give him every opportunity to do so.

Even more, come Saturday afternoon, Penn State will play Nebraska. Joe Pa may be on the sidelines, or he may not.

Maybe it's just me, but talk about a truly meaningless contest. I feel sorry for Nebraska, having to bear the burden.

I feel sorry for the families affected by Sandusky's acts.

Thousands will be cheering a game while the victims come forward to relive the horror.

I'm quite sure the lawyers are going to have a heyday with this trial.

I've already heard legal mumble-jumble from Curley's attorney.

Well, I want to hear from the victims. I want to hear from Sandusky. I want to hear from Paterno, from Curley and Schmidt.

I want to know where the buck really stopped here. I want to know who had the first hammer to expose Sandusky and didn't.

I want to know why everyone wimped out and turned their head.

I want to hear it from them.

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