Former drug dealer becomes U.S. Paralympian

He nearly ended it all -- one time by chance, and another time by choice.  But now, Brandon's David Prince is at the beginning of his Paralympic journey.

David was a drug dealer.  A high school dropout.  A kid who bought a motorcycle with his drug money, and then drove it 145 mph on a small rural road.

He was soon thereafter an amputee.  He lost his foot in a motorcycle accident on that rural road shortly after buying the bike. Yet, his trouble-making ways continued until he finally considered suicide.  His mom, who was about to kick him out of her house, leaving him with virtually nowhere to go, decided to give David one last chance.  She also gave him her gym membership. 

David transformed his drug addiction into a workout addiction.  He got involved in triathlons and track and field.  With only one foot, he used a specially-made prosthetic foot, ultimately winning gold in the Parapan American Games. 

Now, in an update to a story we first reported in January , David has made the U.S. Paralympic team and is headed to London, where he'll compete in the 400 meter race against another especially well-known amputee, Oscar Pistorius. Oscar just made history by competing the Olympic Games for South Africa.

David, now 28, is ten years past the worst of his troubled youth.  He's a family man.  He's a track star.  And he's out to prove that no matter how close you are to feeling like you're at the end, there's always another beginning somewhere to be found.

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