Davis has NFL experience with the Browns, Cowboys, will he join Bucs staff?

Davis knows talent and can teach

TAMPA, Fla. - I do hope the reports are true. If they are, Butch Davis will soon be joining the Bucs coaching staff as either an assistant head coach or defensive coordinator.

Why Butch Davis?

For one, he has NFL experience with the Cleveland Browns as a head coach and the Dallas Cowboys as a defensive coach under Jimmy Johnson.

Davis did guide the Browns to one winning season in the four he was at the helm.

He helped Johnson bring two Super Bowl titles to a team that went 1-15 the year before they showed up.

In Cleveland, he tried turning around a franchise that was caught in a revolving door, going no where fast.

From Cleveland, it was back to the college ranks in Chapel Hill.

All in all, Butch Davis will be remembered for his days at Miami.

He coached and/or recruited a who's who list of players that went to the NFL.

You can't take this away from Davis, he knows talent and he can develop talent.

His NFL experience would serve new head coach Greg Schiano quite well.

The fact they are friends who have kept in touch since those years together at Miami (Schiano was defensive coordinator under Davis) means they are on the same page when it comes to philosophy and both are disciplinarians.

Davis actually had to clean up the image of Miami when he got there.

I do hope that Davis considers joining the Bucs staff.  I'm quite sure it will be the right move.

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