Bucs could trade up with Vikings for Richardson

Bucs could trade down with Buffalo

TAMPA - We are only a few hours away now from the NFL draft, and as expected, rumors are flying.

The latest believe it or not scenarios have the Bucs trading up to the third overall pick to get running back Trent Richardson.

There's another rumor floating out of Buffalo that the Bills are willing to give up their second round pick and swap 1st rounders (Bills select 10th overall) so they can make a play on LT Matt Kalil from USC.

If the second rumor becomes fact, the Bucs will likely be in position to select safety Mark Barron, cornerback Stephon Gilmore or linebacker Luke Kuechly (pronounced KEEK-ly).

So Buc fans, strap in.  It might be a bit more exciting than we expect.

It's all up to Minnesota.  If the Vikes decide to draft Kalil, which is an obvious need and the biggest for that franchise, all bets are off. 

The Bucs would be in position to get either Richardson or LSU safety Morris Claiborne.

That they'll take.

Stay tuned.

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