Bucs are met with a conditioning drill which tested more than the players physical status

LT Donald Penn injured, out at least two weeks

TAMPA - Bucs fans, all the boys are accounted for.

Everyone met the reporting deadline last night, and rolled into One Buc early this morning.

Head Coach Greg Schiano told us that LT Donald Penn strained his calf working out in California.

Penn will be out around two weeks. 

We also found out that the team was greeted with a first-day conditioning test.

Schiano told us there were players who passed, and those that didn't.  He wasn't naming names, but it is likely we won't see any of those that didn't pass on the field tomorrow for the team's first workout.

That test was not only one to test where the player was physically; I have to believe it was a test of the player's commitment to details and accountability.

As Schiano said today, these players are still learning his way, and when it comes to tests like the one today, there is no gray area.  It's non-negotiable.

Schiano said the only reason he does anything is to win games.

He was disappointed in those that didn't pass, but no one expected a perfect record.

Eric LeGrand, one of Schiano's former Rutgers players who is paralyzed and ceremoniously signed by the Bucs was released today.

So far, the LeGrand story is tops to date coming out of One Buc.

Ronde Barber also talked to the media today.

He was in a good mood.

Ronde said he'll be keeping an eye on the younger players to see how quickly they come along.

It's no secret that everyone needs to double step it to get ready for the season.

Josh Freeman also walked in leaner than he looked six weeks ago after the mini-camp.

Freeman says he is at 248.

He reported to camp last year around 265.

Quarterbacks Coach Ron Turner was very pleased with Freeman's off-season work.

Defensive Coordinator Bill Sheridan and I talked a lot about the D-Line.

As you might have read in my earlier TK's Take, I think this is the most critical area on the football team.

It was far below acceptable last season with plenty of questions and injuries to face.

However, Sheridan told me that he thinks the front four will be able to put pressure on the quarterback alone this season.

I haven't heard that from a D-coach in years, not since the Rod Marinelli days.

Encouraging, but I have to admit I'm a doubting Thomas at this stage.

Sheridan also said that he wants to see how physical the front seven play once they put those pads on against a pretty good Bucs offensive line.

I'll be looking forward to see how this line does when the Patriots come to town and practice with the Bucs for two days the week of their preseason game.

All in all, there's optimism.  Lets make that cautious optimism.

We're not talking Carolina Panthers "We're going to the Super Bowl" stuff which will come back to haunt them.

They know they look pretty decent on paper. 

But as we know, that means nothing.

I'm looking forward to this camp.  How about you?

Let's tee it up boys.

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