New transfer process for Hillsborough County school is but a vote away

New rule will keep parents, schools from cheating

TAMPA - All I can say is FINALLY!

The sorry part of all this is that it took an ABC Action News investigation to gets the wheels in motion.

For years, there has been habitual abuse of the "transfer rule" in Hillsborough County.

Not anymore if the Hillsborough County School Board follows through on enacting a new policy for student-athlete transfers.

In short, one of two things will happen if you want to bring your kid to another school for sports.

  1. Have your son/daughter sit out a year
  2. Go before a board of unbiased school and community leaders and prove you meet the assigned criteria

No more fake addresses, doctoring electric bills, no more cheating.

I'm sure there are some parents out of there that would like to ring my neck with the stance I'm taking.

Get in line, and get over it.

I'm not going to preach to the choir here.

I will say this: The board needs to have a written penalty clause for those that falsify information.  Something like a big fine or arrested on a fraud charge.

Okay, you get my point.

No more cheating, no more lying just to get little Johnnie and little Mary into a better athletic program to be seen.

As I stated while the Armwood investigation was going on; what kind of example were the parents setting here for their kids?

Let's not forget the innocent families that were affected by poor judgment of adults.

Good on you, HCSB. You've finally come around.

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