Madden 15 makes Browns rookie linebacker Christian Kirksey just 1'2" tall; puts him on Titans

Cleveland Browns rookie linebacker Christian Kirksey has a unique blend of size and speed.

If you're playing the new Madden, it's extremely unique. In fact, the third round selection out of Iowa appears to stand only 1'2" tall. 

And for some reason, he plays for the Tennessee Titans. 

This glitch has taken over social media as Madden players find new ways to be hilarious with the tiny linebacker, who may be small but refuses to be kicked around like this guy.

Fortunately, Kirksey himself has a pretty good sense of humor about the whole thing, tweeting, "No matter how small you are, have big dreams, and live big!" 

Enjoy some of our favorite videos and screenshots here.

h/t Bleacher Report

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