Without wide receiver Mike Evans, there might not have been any Johnny Football mania

Manziel was never in Bucs draft plans

TAMPA - He's not a flashy pick. I doubt his presence will be cause of a run to the turnstyle to buy Buccaneers tickets. Who the heck cares. Wide receiver Mike Evans from Texas A&M is productive.

He adds a dimension to the Buccaneers offense that actually garners attention from the opposing defensive coordinator. Lovie Smith should know. His forte is defense.

Even Revis Island couldn't handle tall receivers who run NFL routes, only the sloppy routes or misguided passes he had the ability to break on.

If you watch Evans after the catch, check out the tape, it doesn't lie. He doesn't look fast, but his long stride covers almost five yards.

He's like an antelope. Last time I checked, aren't they rather quick with an almost unhurried gate?

He's doesn't have Jeff Demps like speed, or Chris Owusu's. Oh, yeah, they are on the roster, aren't they?

I think some people fail to realize, going back to last season, Owusu was a pretty darn good receiver.  He got hurt. Prior to the injury, he was a productive 3rd down and long guy.  He has speed and runs pretty decent routes.

Just to clarify when I say "run decent routes" I'm saying Owusu gains speed on his breaks off the pattern, or is in high gear. He just has to learn the right routes and reads. He will. I like him.

Imagine if Jeff Demps actually transforms himself into a football player again. Imagine if he actually can catch a long bomb on a consistent basis. The jury is out there. However, there's no denying you get the ball to this guy on a dump off or bubble screen and he finds any daylight, ta-ta.

It's up to Offensive Coordinator Jeff Tedford to create plays to make it happen.

As for the draft as a whole, with the except of UCF Quarterback Blake Bortles going to Jacksonville with the 3rd overall selection, the drama drum had long left the building.

It's a reminder that everything you hear from two weeks out to draft day is basically B.S.

Believe me, it's hard not to get caught up in the constant babble tweets of credible NFL reporters who really didn't have a clue what they were tweeting.

They were either a shill for an agent or a team that wanted misguided information out there for their benefit.
I commend FOX's Jay Glazer.  He doesn't throw stuff out there or waiver in his reporting.  He waited until yesterday and then said Manziel would not be picked up by the Bucs in the first round.

We said the same thing a week earlier without an inside tip. Common sense carried the cross on that call.

The Johnny Manziel hype was almost embarrassing. NFL Network spent countless hours trying to project where this guy would go.

I felt for the guy sitting in that green room as pick after pick went by.  He was saved by Cleveland when they traded into the 22nd pick overall.

Hope he's ready to play by Week 9. The Bucs travel to Cleveland that week!  Want to see that matchup.

I know Lovie said last night that Mike Glennon is the Bucs QB of the future. He is, for now. Not even Lovie can predict what will happen down the road.

Let's just keep our eye on the ball in the present. The Bucs still need to address their offensive line. Da'Quan Bowers needs to show up. Jeff Demps needs to put a cannister of stick'em on his hands.

As for you and I, lets just take a collective breath, kick back, and let the draft come to us.

That's what they're doing over at One Buc.

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