Washington Redskins - Tampa Bay Buccaneers game blacked out in Tampa

The Tampa Bay Bucanneers announced on Thursday that there will be a television blackout in the greater Tampa area for Sunday's home match-up with the  Washington Redskinsaccording to Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times . The blackout means that homes within an 75-mile radius of Raymond James Stadium will not have a live broadcast of the game.

The NFL gave teams the option to lower the threshold for ticket sales down to 85 percent from 100 percent for a television blackout in 2012. The  Buccaneers  opted for the new change, but it appears they still are having trouble meeting the new quota.

The rule change was a risk for the Bucs,  as they are required to split any revenue from ticket sales over 85 percent  with the visiting team, but Tampa Bay officials clearly thought that was worth having more television visibility in their local area.

The Bucs also attempted to lower ticket prices this season, dropping the minimums to $30 for adults and $15 for children, well below the prices at most NFL stadiums. Still, it appears there isn't enough interest in the local area.

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