Rays in Cleveland for 2013 AL wild card game

What a crazy week it has been.
The Rays have a seemingly endless zest to forge through little rest and daily baseball to get to where they are today.
From the final game of the regular season in Toronto, to the tiebreaker game in Arlington, and now here in Cleveland, another elimination game this Joe Maddon's group faces.
This has been a season of ebbs and flows.  Exasperation and elation.
Which will Rays fans feel tonight as the Rays take on the Indians for a spot in the ALDS against Boston beginning on Friday?
The Indians are on a roll, having won 10 games in a row, albeit against lower tiered teams.
This city is absolutely going out of its mind.
Cleveland sports fans have been in the dumps since Lebron hit the road.
The new savior of this city is not a sports star, but a star manager in Terry Francona.
He is one of the best in the business and turned this team of misfits around.
A 24-game swing from the 2012 season to finish second in their division.
Tonight, the Rays will send one of their rocks to the mound in Alex Cobb.
The Indians counter with rookie Danny Salazar, who has 10 total big league starts in his pocket.
He throws heat.  Big heat. 100 mile per hour heat if he wants it.
Cobb is proven.  He has a mind set that can handle the moment he faces tonight.
Today's front section of the Cleveland Plain Dealer was not about government shutdowns, it was about baseball.
The headline simply read: Now is the Time.
Whose time?  Rays or Indians.
Join us at 5 and 6 on ABC Action News as we report live from Progressive Field bringing you the up to the minute story before tonight's first pitch.
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