MLB: Rays player Joel Peralta ejected from game after pine tar was found on his glove

Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Joel Peralta will likely be suspended after getting ejected from Tuesday night's game for a "foreign substance" found in his glove.

The relief pitcher was preparing to enter the game against the Washington Nationals when the opposing team's manager asked that Peralta's glove be examined.

A substance reported to be pine tar was discovered on his glove and Peralta was ejected from the game immediately.

Pine tar and other products with a similar texture are used in baseball to help improve grip, but pitchers aren't suppose to use it while pitching.

The Rays had a 5-4 win that night, but Peralta may not experience the taste of victory for a while.

According to the MLB official rule book, the penalty for using a foreign substance on a baseball is ejection and a 10-game suspension.

Read MLB's report:

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