Former Tampa Bay Devil Rays player, Danny Clyburn Jr., was shot, killed in South Carolina

SOUTH CAROLINA - Former Devil Rays major league outfielder Danny Clyburn Jr. was fatally shot in his South Carolina hometown Tuesday.

A South Carolina man has turned himself in for the crime, according to the Associated Press.

Clyburn, 37, was found dead in his front yard 2:00 a.m. Tuesday by Lancaster police.

Witnesses say Derrick Lamont McIlwain, 36, and Clyburn were arguing before the shooting.

McIlwain turned himself in later Tuesday.

Clyburn was 23-year-old when he made his way into the big baseball leagues with the Baltimore Orioles in 1997, according to the Baseball Almanac.

The Tampa Bay Devil Rays acquired Clyburn through a trade in 1999.

He hit three home runs, drove in five runs and batted .198 in 28 games.


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