FDA to regulate e-cigarettes

The Food and Drug Administration is stepping in to regulate electronic cigarettes.
For some former smokers like Jeff Liddic, they're an alternative to traditional tobacco products.
"I was a pretty heavy smoker. Smoked about a pack and a half a day," Liddic said. "I kind of figured it probably couldn't be a lot worse than what I was putting into my system."
The FDA will now make sure companies manufacturing the liquids used in e-cigs follow more stringent guidelines.
One of the biggest changes coming with FDA intervention is that you will have to be 18 to buy the products.
John Synychak works at Tampa Vapor. His store not only sells e-cigarettes and supplies, but mixes the ingredients for the liquid that goes into them.
He's not surprised the federal government will now require producers to register with the FDA and provide details on things like ingredients and manufacturing processes.
"We have to be transparent on what we use. Everything has to be traceable and repeatable," Synychak said.
FDA regulations will cost his business thousands of dollars more each year, but he expects it will also put some skeptical minds at ease and bring in new customers.
"I think e-cigs will get more popular with the FDA behind it," Synychak said.
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