Architects attempting to persude Qatar World Cup organizers to reject air conditioning in stadiums

Tempratures reach 122 degrees in summer

ZURICH - Architects designing a 2022 World Cup stadium are trying to persuade Qatari organizers to scrap plans to have air conditioning in the venue.

John Barrow of leading firm Populous says air conditioning is too expensive and "notoriously unsustainable" when used on a large scale.

Air-conditioned stadiums to beat 122-degree desert heat in June were a defining theme of Qatar's winning bid last year.

Barrow, however, says the planned Sports City stadium can be kept cool by shading seats and traditional Arabic methods for ventilation.

Populous proposes using wind towers to create fan-like air movement inside the 47,000-capacity stadium.

Barrow says spectators could be kept comfortable at 86 degrees during evening matches.

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