Teen charged with mugging 12-year old

Suspect accused of attacking police

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - St. Petersburg police have arrested a 15-year old boy for stealing a 12-year old's bicycle at gunpoint, and then attacking an officer after his arrest.

Latellis Everett was charged with stealing the younger boy's money after pointing a semiautomatic handgun in his chest, according to police.  The victim waited two days to report the incident, and Everett was identified in a photo lineup.  

The teenager didn't go into custody quietly, according to investigators.  Everett allegedly smashed out the window of a squad car trying to escape, and when police tried subduing him, he struck an officer in the face.  The officer had to have stitches over his left eye.

"He became rather violent," said Mike Puetz, spokesman for St. Petersburg Police.  "He had been restrained, and as the officers were taking him to the police cruiser he started to fight with them," Puetz said.

Residents in the Citrus Grove neighborhood were alarmed to hear that a child so young was targeting other kids.  Angela Roberson has a 12-year old of her own.

"You have a lot of kids riding bicycles around here," Roberson said.  "To think of another kid trying to hurt your child, it's crazy," she said.

Prosecutors said Everett will face adult charges because of his prior record.  The teenager was supposed to be on house arrest for his alleged role in a shooting at a birthday party in April, where two people were shot.  Everett himself was injured by gunfire.

"Pointing a gun.  Breaking a window.  Mugging somebody.  I would say he deserves to be treated as an adult," said Mason Storm, a Citrus Groves resident.

"I think it's a shame.  I wish the family the best for that kid."

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