Tampa ranks third among best cities for jobs

Only three Florida cities made top 60

An online consumer advocacy site has ranked the best 60 cities in America to find jobs, and Tampa placed third behind Washington, D.C. and Fort Worth, Texas.
Wallethub.com based its survey on 13 different factors, such as starting salary, number of job openings, employment growth and cost of living.
Diversity of industries also counted towards the final score.
"I'm thrilled, but not surprised," said Moez Limayem, dean of the USF College of Business.
"Businesses are coming to Tampa and businesses are staying in Tampa," he said.  "So the question becomes, what makes them come here and stay in our community?"
Limayem said the obvious part of the answer is the quality of life issues like the weather and easy access to beaches and attractions.
But Limayem also said Tampa and the surrounding vicinity has a clear advantage over other parts of Florida because of good cooperation between private industry, government and educational institutions.
while Tampa ranked number three, only two other Florida cities made the top 60.  Miami placed 30th and Jacksonville 35th.
Still, the survey results were of little consolation to job seekers who haven't found work in the Tampa Bay area.  
Mary Wilder disagreed with the notion that it's getting easier to find a job.
"I surely would not because I'm still unemployed," Wilder said.
Her niece, Sykeriah Wilder, said the process of finding a job was grueling.
"It took me a long time to find a job," Wilder said.  "It took me six months. And I still know plenty of people who are not employed."
The promise of jobs and a better economy continues to draw people moving from other states. Frankie Morales, a construction worker, relocated to Tampa from Connecticut last month because of word that the housing market was rebounding.
"Hopefully Tampa is a new life, new change," he said.
You can read the complete results of the survey at wallethub.com's website:
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