Tampa mom, son honor their hero on Memorial Day

Sometimes we need to be reminded Memorial Day isn't about the beach, barbecue or parties.
Today my reminder came kneeling in the grass at Sgt. Bryan Luckey's headstone.
"You know that daddy is happy though. But even though it's hot, we're out here," said Catherine Luckey to her son, Bryan.
The spot is where the Tampa mother explained softly to her 7-year-old son that he gets his sense of humor from his father.
"Daddy was like that. He was very witty," Luckey said.
Catherine and Bryan Luckey met in a Tampa church. They married young. He enlisted in the U.S. Army after 9/11.
She got pregnant.
"He was happy. I was happy. We were just so looking forward to our future," said Luckey.
Neither believed their future together would be cut short by a sniper bullet in Iraq in 2006.
"Liberty and freedom and just the American ideals were very important to him, and he wanted to make sure that he was a part of protecting those American ideals," she said.
Sgt. Luckey is just one of the 120,000 veterans buried at Florida National Cemetery.
Today his widow brought him red roses.
"He was always one that thought of others, and I guess you could say that about all these men and women, that they do think about others," Luckey said.
Perhaps that's the true meaning of Memorial Day, taught by a boy and his mom – selfless service, no matter the cost.
"He knows about his Dad. Even though he wasn't born when he was alive, I feel he has some kind of attachment," she said.
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