Tampa man wants to redesign city flag

TAMPA, FL - It seems like 2015 has been the year of the flag.

The debate over the confederate flag led to it coming down from outside government buildings and big box stores.

This, of course, started after the South Carolina church shooting.

Right here in Hillsborough County, a group is still fighting to take down the world’s largest confederate flag.

But now there’s another flag, and a different argument brewing.

A Tampa native is taking up issues with the city flag.

If you take a look around you won’t find many places flying it. The police department is one of the few. And the majority of people have no clue what it represents.  

“It looks like Argentina or some other country,” said Jerray Lewis.

Annalise Swenson said “I have no idea what it is and I don't know if It serves a purpose for the Tampa police.”

A few people know what it’s about.

“That's the Mascotte flag for the City of Tampa,” said Viola Luke.

“That's the City of Tampa flag,” said Jonathan Girwar-Nath.

Created in 1930, the flag is a melting pot for several countries: Spain, the United Kingdom, Italy and France.

But since it’s clearly unrecognizable for most, Tampa native Robert Creighton is pushing for a redesign.

“There are multiple patterns going in at multiple angles, which can be a little bit visually disorienting. It's not very cohesive,” said Creighton.

Right now, he’s starting with an online survey.

“How would you rate the design quality of Tampa’s flag 1 out of 10,” he asks.

With one hundred people already giving input, he wants to bring hard evidence to get city officials engaged.

“The overwhelming majority conquers that it is poorly designed and it could be changed,” said Creighton.

Head’s Flags on Henderson sells less than 30 City of Tampa flags every year. The biggest seller? The Gasapirilla flag selling hundreds in three weeks.

So maybe that could be the new design?

Whatever it is, Creighton wants ideas from everyone, hoping the new flag makes more of a statement.

“I think it should represent not only the history of the city, but also what Tampa envisions for the future,” he said.

The City attorney claims they will have to look into the parameters to see if it’s even possible to redesign the flag. The Mayor has not commented.

To take the survey go to http://svy.mk/1PX4Vfz.

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