Sunpass to review overcharging

Driver billed for 11 axles on 2 axle truck

Florida's Turnpike Authority said it will review the bill of a Sunpass account after a driver complained that he was being overcharged.

Eric Campbell, a Pasco County resident, said he reviewed his list of charges on the toll authority's website,, and found that in January he had been charged for 11 axles at the Anderson Road plaza when his pickup truck only has two.

"I don't know that such a thing exists," Campbell said. "Maybe that platform that they use to move the space shuttle from the hangar to the launch pad, but short of that it's pretty obvious that that's a mistake."

Upon further inspection, Campbell discovered that he had been overcharged two more times as a five-axle vehicle.

"To get three significant errors like this in the span of four months when I really don't drive it that often makes me wonder how accurate they are," Campbell said.

The extra costs amounted to less than $15, but Campbell said he's more concerned about the big picture than the few dollars he was charged on his toll account.

Hundreds of thousands of cars drive through Sunpass toll plazas each week. Many drivers rarely check their account online, because unlike credit cards, tolls are prepaid and automatically deducted from the amount deposited in advance.

Campbell said that he was fortunate to have access to the photographs of his vehicle going through the toll plazas because without them he might not have had as strong an argument about the over-billing.

"Without a photograph, it's my word against theirs," Campbell said.  

Campbell said the reason he can access toll plaza photos is because not all his vehicles use transponders, so the toll collectors use the pictures of his license plate to bill him instead of the transponder.

Turnpike Authority spokeswoman Christy Deason said the agency will review Campbell's bill. Deason said it's possible there is a malfunction at one of the individual plazas, but could not speculate on whether there is a widespread issue affecting more drivers.

Campbell said when he notified customer service, their recommendation was to frequently monitor the account online.

"In fact, she said I should even do it nightly," Campbell said. "Something about that didn't sit right with me. I don't feel like I need to babysit it."

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