Sulpher Springs felt abandoned by the city for years, but they're finally seeing some cleanup


Daniel Chesser, a Sulphur Spring homeowner grew up on the corner of 18th and Jeneau. He's lived here most of his life.
"Had the pool growing up. It was so nice. You could go down to May's 5 and 10, the 
Arcade building, and you could get a hot dog and a root beer for 25-cents."
Now at 62-year-old, the fond memories make him a neighbor who takes pride in his community, the oak tree canopy over his home and his lush yard. He's also one of those neighbors who's fed up with what people dump here. "Well, it's depressing," he told us. "You get the debris, the trash, the furniture and so forth."
Sulphur Spring neighbors say for years, they've felt forgotten by the city. 
"It's been a free for all," says Jake Slater, director of Neighborhood Services. "These are home that have been vacant, foreclosed, owners have walked away that have been ridden with crime."
Neighborhood Services and Code Enforcement have demolished 11 dilapidated homes. There are plans to raze 60 more, costing an estimated $250,000. 
Crews also hauled away 20 tons of trash - just last month. That's equal to the weight of three elephants. 
"It's one of the best things the city has done," Daniel Chesser said, "Very positive."
He should know - he's lived here his whole life.
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