Storms damage mobile homes in Pinellas County

PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla - "I started running towards the front door and then I saw someone’s roof go flying by," said Joan Bartalis-Bonnain. "It was like the Blue Angels were flying over the top of my mobile home."

While the national weather service has not confirmed this, neighbors we spoke with Saturday night describe seeing a possible funnel cloud plowing through two Pinellas County mobile home parks, downing power lines, carports and anything else in its quick but damaging path.

"Look right there, that’s not my roof," said pointing to the back of her home were another homes roof leaned up against it.

"It shook everything in my house," said Geneva Blaser.

Blaser says before she knew it, her entire front porch was gone.

"All this stuff started going and I thought my god what’s going on," said Blaser.

Another roof was found hanging on a telephone line nearly a quarter mile away.

"Basically there's been damage to about 12 mobile homes in two different parks,” said Cpt Larry Thompson of the Lealman Fire District. “Probably right around $50,000 worth of damage."

As for Joan, she says now that’s she's experienced something like this, she's humbled by the power of Mother Nature.

"I can see why people have bladder control issues during tornados now,” said Joan. “Next time I hear a thunderstorm, I’ll put on some depends first."

Fortunately no one was displaced by Saturdays thunderstor

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