The price of limes is costing a lot more green

Weather in Mexico has decimated the citrus crop

At the Red Mesa Cantina in Downtown St. Petersburg, limes play an important role.
"It's a key component in a lot of different things that we produce," General Manager Peter Veytia said.
But Veytia said the price for limes, usually $40 per box, recently tripled.
Ray Delfino, a produce broker who sells loads of the fruit to wholesalers, said these are the highest prices he has seen for limes.
"A lot of my customers have cut it off and said it's too expensive,” he said.
His limes come from Mexico, the United States’ main supplier. Weather is playing a major role in the price spike, he said. Last September's tropical storms and Hurricane Ingrid decimated the citrus crop. 
"The heavy winds knocked the blooms off the trees so now the trees can't produce," Delfino said.
A cold December dealt another blow. With demand high and supply low, Delfino doesn't see any relief ahead. "As long as people keep buying, they're going to keep stripping the trees, the trees will never have time to produce," he said.
Red Mesa hasn’t made major changes to its menu yet.
“We’re not at that point yet," Veytia said.
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