Romney concedes defeat in Florida as votes continue to be counted

MIAMI - Mitt Romney's campaign is conceding defeat in Florida -- even as ballots are still being counted around our state.

Romney's Florida campaign told the Miami-Herald paper they thought they had done what was needed to win -- and have  "a sick feeling they left something on the table."

Meanwhile, the fact that Florida is still the only state where the results aren't official has many laughing at the sunshine state, and that doesn't sit well with former Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio, who says the election issues are an embarrassment.

"We need better election laws, we need to expand early voting. We need to reduce the number of constitutional amendments. The governor needs to look into South Florida and any place where they had six to eight hours of waiting time," Iorio said.

Florida's 29 electoral votes still have not been awarded to either President Obama or Mitt Romney.

 As of last night, President Obama is leading by just under 56,000 votes votes, or six-tenths of a percentage point.

There are still more vote counting today in Florida, including 1500 provisional ballots in Pinellas County, but the majority of ballots left to tally are from counties that lean democratic.

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